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  • Elder Scrolls Online Dragonstar Arena Guides and Tips

  • ESO VR12 Templar Build: Burst Tank With Amazing Spell Crit

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    ESO Templar Tank PVP Build

    Templar frenquently plays Healer or DPS. Recently,I read a Tank Templar build from and share it with you. This Templar,is a melee Tank in PVP. The Tank Templar is to shield self with various abilities and reflecting damage back on nearby enemies.  Additionally,he can heal and protect himself by using every resource. There is the strengths of the build as follows: - ...

    Post : 10/17/2014

    ESO Update 4 Serpent Trial-Sanctum Ophidia Guide

    ESO Update 4 Serpent Trial-Sanctum Ophidia Guide

    Serpent Trial is a challenging dungeon added in Elder Scrolls Online Update 4.   The dungeon requires a full party with 8 adventurers, including two Tanks, two Hearlers and four DPS classes. The boss in Serpent Trial is powerful with high Health. For players, it is not easy to explore the dungeon. This guide shares KILLABUNNY’S experience about how to defeat the boss in Serpent Trial from ...

    Post : 10/15/2014

    ESO Nightblade Build with High-end DPS(+1000)--Blade Runner

    ESO Nightblade Build with High-end DPS(+1000)--Blade Runner

    Nightblade is the class which is able to deal ultimate damage in The Elder Scrolls Online. Now, it is to introduce Nightblade build with High-end DPS from Deltia's Gaming.  Race: Khajiit Attributes: Magicka:16    Health:17    Stmina:16 Nightblade mainly uses stamina for Bow attacks in PVP. Mandus: The Thief with four pieces of divines traits, to add critic...

    Post : 10/13/2014

    ESO VR12 Imperial Nighblade Build for PVP

    ESO VR12 Imperial Nighblade Build for PVP

    Imperial is a playable race in The Elder Scrolls Online. Now, we introduce the Veteran Rank 12 imperial Nighblade build for PVP in the game. This Nightblade class has high survivablity and weapon critical in PVP battles. Stats Magicka: 8    Helath : 16     Stamina:25 For the imperial Nightblade, Half of attribute points are added to Stamina, because some of ab...

    Post : 10/09/2014

    Essential VR ESO Items for Upper Craglorn Exploration

    Essential VR ESO Items for Upper Craglorn Exploration

    Upper Craglorn is the challenging Trails in Elder Scrolls Online. For players, you can defeat six powerful group delves; you can go to explore Dragonstar Arena. In order to help your challenging Upper Craglorn, I introduce some essetial VR ESO items for you here. The tree attributes, Health, Magicka and Stamina, play a significant role in battle. Health is decide your survival; Magicka is used to...

    Post : 10/06/2014

    Elder Scrolls Online 1400+DPS PVE Nightbalde Build

    Elder Scrolls Online 1400+DPS PVE Nightbalde Build

    This build is to introduce the PVE Nightblade with 1400+ DPS, who mailly deal magic damage. Stats:This class is from the race, Wood Elf. First of all, look at his stats.All attribute points are added in Health. Magicka and Stamina are supported by armors and potions. Since Patch 1.44, heavy attacks of dual wield weapon can restore Stamina. Max Magicka: 1891Max Health: 2550. Enough Health is t...

    Post : 10/03/2014

    ESO VR14 Trials Sorcerer Build with 1000+ DPS in Update 4

    ESO VR14 Trials Sorcerer Build with 1000+ DPS in Update 4

    Since Update 4 has been launched, there are challenging trails like Upper Carglorn added in Elder Scrolsl Online. Today, I inctroduce the Sorcerer build for ESO Trails from Viper ESO. The VR14 Sorcerer has high survivability in PVE because of high HP. And he is able to deal high spell critical and spell damage. Race: Dark Elf AttributesAll of attribute points are added to Health, to increase S...

    Post : 09/30/2014

    Guide to ESO Dragonknight Soloing Boss Agganor in Upper Craglorn

    Guide to ESO Dragonknight Soloing Boss Agganor in Upper Craglorn

    Upper Craglorn is the new veteran trial added in ESO Update 4. Agganor is one of Upper Craglorn bosses. This guide shows you how solo the boss Agganor. Agganor is located in Exarch’s Stronghold. You can find the place above the map. The quest requires you to slay Agganor and take his Helmet.  Entering Exarch’s Stronghold, you go to find the boss. As you can see in the following screenshot, ...

    Post : 09/25/2014

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