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  • Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer Build: Best Staff Runner with 1000+ DPSPost : 10/23/2014

    This Sorcerer has good survivability and spell critical by 63.3%. She can deal 1000+ DPS for soloing in PVP. If you like Sorcerer class, read it. Race: High Elf Sorcerer Attribute Coins: Health-10   Stamina-16  Magicka-16 Maxi Magicka- 2471Max Health- 2605Max Stamina- 1357 Gears ...

  • ESO VR14 Trials Sorcerer Build with 1000+ DPS in Update 4Post : 09/30/2014

    Since Update 4 has been launched, there are challenging trails like Upper Carglorn added in Elder Scrolsl Online. Today, I inctroduce the Sorcerer build for ESO Trails from Viper ESO. The VR14 Sorcerer has high survivability in PVE because of high HP. And he is able to deal high spell critical and s...

  • How to Choose Abilities for ESO SorcererPost : 06/23/2014

    Based on the build “The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man Trials”, this guide written by Tripwyr from TAMRIEFOUNDRY.COM is used analyze how to choose abilities for Sorcerer in Elder Scrolls Online. Some abbreviation in the guide:DPET – Damage per execution time. It refers to the damage a spel...

  • The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man TrialsPost : 06/18/2014

    This is a detail build to the first Sorcerer in Elder Scrolls Online. There are strategy to explore 12-player Trials, which I hope it is helpful for you to play Sorcerer in the game.  RacePersonally, the best race for Sorcerer is Breton, for the passive abilities of the race can have spell r...

  • ESO VR10 Sorcerer Build: The Best Magic SlayerPost : 05/20/2014

    This is the build about eso VR10 Sorcerer who deals purely magic damage. There are features of the magic sorcerer to show you. First of all, the fit of Sorcerer’s abilities and mages guild abilities is quite high. Especially, in the course of fights against monsters, the fit is the obviously adva...

  • Guide to Primary The Elder Scrolls Online SorcererPost : 04/02/2014

    I've participated in the ESO beta, but I didn’t play the Sorcerer class. The game is going to be officially launched and some ESO friends suggest that I experience Sorcerer. Then I create a High Elf Sorcerer to. Before entering the game, I think about these questions: 1. Which do I choose for ...

  • Detail Analysis to Level 50 The Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer (II)Post : 03/29/2014

    --Sorcerer's Upgrade Experience from Level 1 to 50  The Sorcerer Class Introduction: Sorcerer is quite suitable for solo play. Upgrading from level 1 to level 50, I have to complete 99% of quests and zone exploration, 1% through bug. In the whole upgrading, if I encounter difficulties, ...

  • The Guide to Various Skills for Level 50 ESO SorcererPost : 03/28/2014

    I'd like to explain the traditional cloth Sorcerer with a staff rather than evaluate some special builds. Thus, I pick up these skills to introduce. I will analyze the skills in the initial, middle and later stage. Because they almost appear at the same time, you, as a player, consider what you choo...

  • ESO Build: The Tank Mage with Heavy Armor and a ShieldPost : 02/22/2014

    There are lots of skills in The Elder Scrolls Online. But many of those skills have similar or conflicting attributes. How to make your character more powerful or purposeful? The key is whether skills can supplement each other. Then you have your own strategies and know about opponents’. As you kno...


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