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  • ESO Imperial Nightblade Build:The Powerful Magic Melee DPSPost : 01/20/2015

    This is a melee ESO Nightblade build from Xinthisis Gaming. She deals great magic damage in the battle. Race: Imperial Attributes: Magicka- 42  Health- 20  Stamina-0Max Magicka- 2692     Max Health-3005Max Stamina-1708 Gears The magic Nightblade is equipped with ...

  • Elder Scrolls Online Nearly +1500 DPS Nightblade BuildPost : 12/16/2014

    Since Patch 1.5 was launched, Skills of bow are improved in The Elder Scrolls Online. In the previous news, we share the Templar archer. Today, I introduce another type, Nightblade archer from DELTLASGAMING.COM. The Nightblade archer has nearly 1500 DPS. As a ranger class with a bow, he can deal ma...

  • ESO Patch 1.5 +1400 DPS Nightblade Build: Powerful ArcherPost : 11/21/2014

    Since patch 1.5 was launched, Elder Scrolls Online dungeons become harder and harder. If your class has not very high DPS, it is difficult to level up in the game world. Today, this is the 1400 DPS Nightblade build. In this build, Nightblade does not need lots of Magicka. Thus, the attributes is : ...

  • ESO Crafting Guide:How to Optimize DPS for Staff NightbladePost : 11/15/2014

    Since Patch 1.5 was launched, there are harder dungeons and trials added in The Elder Scrolls Online. As a DPS class in a group, high damage is important in battle. Because of the bow abilities is improved, Nightblade’s remote attack is higher damage. Today, we share the guide to help you optimize D...

  • ESO +1000 DPS Nightblade PVE BuildPost : 11/07/2014

    Nice to see you again. We've introduced Sorcerer, Dragoon and Templar builds for PVE. Today, I share a Nightblade build for PVE here. Skills: Crushing Shock and Impale is main attack skills at the earliest stage of this build. Thus, Nightblade has high spell critical, Max Magicka, Weap...

  • ESO +2000 DPS Nightblade Build: The Strongest AssassinPost : 11/04/2014

    Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade often plays the DPS class in PVE. Today, I introduce the Nightblade build with +2000 DPS. WeaponI: Dual Wield  1. Impale. It causes magic damage and deals additional damage by 300% to enemies with Low Health.2. Whirling Blades. It deals physical dama...

  • ESO Nightblade Build with High-end DPS(+1000)--Blade RunnerPost : 10/13/2014

    Nightblade is the class which is able to deal ultimate damage in The Elder Scrolls Online. Now, it is to introduce Nightblade build with High-end DPS from Deltia's Gaming.  Race: Khajiit Attributes: Magicka:16    Health:17    Stmina:16 Nightblade mainly uses s...

  • ESO VR12 Imperial Nighblade Build for PVPPost : 10/09/2014

    Imperial is a playable race in The Elder Scrolls Online. Now, we introduce the Veteran Rank 12 imperial Nighblade build for PVP in the game. This Nightblade class has high survivablity and weapon critical in PVP battles. Stats Magicka: 8    Helath : 16     Stamin...

  • ESO Stamina Nightblade Build in Update 3Post : 08/27/2014

    ESOGOLDSTORE shares the Stamina Nightblade build with high DPS. The unique feature of the class is he depends on Stamina to deal great damage. Finally, there are some tips about how to build strong Nightblade in The Elder Scrolls Online. RaceRedguard Attributes As a Stamina class, the most of att...

  • ESO Nightblade Tank Guide and PVE StrategiesPost : 07/02/2014

    As we all know, there are a lot of BUG for Nightblade abilities in Elder Scrolls Online, which leads in the Nightblade DPS is not ideal. As Tank, Nightblade is far better with less BUG. This guide introduces Nightblade Tank and PVE strategies. AttributesSo far, all of attribute Coins are added to ...

  • ESO VR10 Nightblade with Restoration Staff for 12-player TrialsPost : 06/16/2014

    This is the ESO Nightblade guide written by Recon in TAMRIELFOUNDRY. I hope it is useful for you if you play Nightblade in Elder Scrolls Online. Veteran Rank GearArmor:  7 Light Armor. 3 Pieces of Willow’s Path to add 5% of spell critical strike; 5 pieces of Twilight’s Embrace to increase ...

  • Who Is the Best Archer in The Elder Scrolls Online, Nightblade and Templar?Post : 04/08/2014

    The post mainly is the analysis to an archer class. If you want to build an archer, you can choose one between Nightblade and Templar. According to my gameplay in the Elder Scrolls online, I’ve farmed my archer Nightblade instead of Templar in the initial and meddle phase in the game in The Elder Sc...

  • How to Sneak Better for The Elder Scrolls Online NightbladePost : 04/01/2014

    First of all, we clear the two concepts, Stealth and Hidden.  Stealth —Every class can sneak.  Press Ctrl and enter the sneaking state, which makes enemies at a distance not enable to discover you. Hidden —Shadow Cloak is ability to disappear for 2.5 seconds. Whatever close distance ene...

  • Detail Guide to ESO Nightblade Exploring Darkshade CavernsPost : 03/19/2014

    The dungeon where we explore is the Darkshade Caverns. The following picture is the entrance to Darkshade Caverns. It is magnificent, isn’t it? Having entered the dungeon, I and my teammates accept a quest. Specially, there is need to note that a NPC follows us after we accepted the quest.Th...

  • The ESO Guide to Dual-weapon Nightblade for PVEPost : 03/18/2014

    Due to various reasons before, this is my first time to experience The Elder Scrolls Online in the beta. There is someone to know better about ESO than me in the forum. I do not need to say more about that. The reason for the build is that I feel very excited about playing the game and want to share...

  • Wild ESO Nightblade Redguard GuidePost : 02/25/2014

    Recently, according to my own experience, I’ve studied eso Nightblade Warrior and make the guide to share with you. Class: NightbladeRace: RedguardWeapon: two-handed weapon (like a two-handed hammer) Armor: seven pieces of medium armor. Skill IntroductionColumn 1:Forward Momentum: This skill ca...

  • ESO Nightblade Bow Solos Different Types of Wild Bosses Post : 02/15/2014

    I love solo in any game. In The Elder Scrolls Online, I still choose the solo nightblade bow, which is currently the best class for solo fighting against Boss in ESO. Specific Requirements: Rating: No requirement (Level can be lower than that of the target like elite bosses, but the corresponding ...


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