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  • ESO Update 4 Serpent Trial-Sanctum Ophidia GuidePost : 10/15/2014

    Serpent Trial is a challenging dungeon added in Elder Scrolls Online Update 4.   The dungeon requires a full party with 8 adventurers, including two Tanks, two Hearlers and four DPS classes. The boss in Serpent Trial is powerful with high Health. For players, it is not easy to explore the du...

  • Guide to ESO Dragonknight Soloing Boss Agganor in Upper CraglornPost : 09/25/2014

    Upper Craglorn is the new veteran trial added in ESO Update 4. Agganor is one of Upper Craglorn bosses. This guide shows you how solo the boss Agganor. Agganor is located in Exarch’s Stronghold. You can find the place above the map. The quest requires you to slay Agganor and take his Helmet. &nbsp...

  • Elder Scrolls Online Dragonstar Arena Guides and TipsPost : 09/18/2014

    Dragonstar Arena is a new dungeon added in ESO Update 4, which is located in Upper Craglorn, it is required a four-player group. For players, you need to challenge different waves in multipart arenas. All arena are different and each of then has special theme.   Monsters and Bosses in Dr...

  • ESO Veteran Content in Update 4: Upper CraglornPost : 08/28/2014

    Upper Craglorn is one of big features in ESO Update 4. There is more challenging veteran content for you to experience in the fourth patch. ● You come to new PVE environment and enjoy different scenery in Upper Craglorn. ● There are terrible monsters and six new group delves in Upper Craglorn....

  • ESO Veteran Dungeon Crypt of Hearts BuildPost : 07/07/2014

    Basic requirements: -More than 2000 Health Coins-It is the best that the Healer is Temple and DPS are remote attack classes. Boss I. Spider Banshee Battle The spider boss has some deadly abilities: 1. The boss randomly attack a certain player who will be tied up by cobwebs and unable to break ...

  • ESO Dungeon Guide: to Analyze ESO Veteran Wayrest Sewers Bosses in DetailPost : 05/22/2014

    There are varieties of Elder Scrolls Online dungeons for four-player group. The dungeons are divided into the normal mode and the veteran mode. The veteran dungeons are more difficult than the normal dungeons. Moreover, as long as you reach veteran ranks, the veteran dungeons will be unlocked. ESO V...

  • ESO Vaults of Madness Guide: How to Defeat Mad ArchitectPost : 05/14/2014

    Vaults of Madness is a hard and challenging dungeon at level 47 in The Elder Scrolls Online. Madness Mad is the final boss in Vaults of Madness. This guide shows youWhat skills the boss has and how to defeat it. Mad Architect is quite strong. But it doesn’t move. Moreover, it slowly casts skills. F...

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Banished Cells GuidePost : 05/02/2014

    I play DPS Templar equipped with Heavy and Light armors. As a melee class, I mainly use Control and Assistance to drain Stamina in the process of challenging ESO Banished Cells. There are five bosses in the dungeon. I will introduce how to defeat them. Boss1. Cell HaunterThe first boss is Cell Hau...

  • Detail Guide to ESO Blackheart Haven DungeonPost : 04/29/2014

      The Blackheart Haven is a Dungeon at level 40 in The Elder Scrolls Online. There are three bosses for you to fight in the dungeon. This guide will analyze those bosses and how to defeat them. Go to the northeast region Bangkarai and find the Blackheart Haven. Then you need accept the quest ...

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Arx Corinium GuidePost : 04/22/2014

    Arx Corinium is the dungeon located in the Ebonheart Pact in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players are required in the level range of level 28 and level 32. There are six bosses in the dungeon to defeat. Go to the eastern / southeastern part of Shadowfen on the map and find the location of the dungeon...

  • The ESO AD Dungeon Spindleclutch Guide for NewbiesPost : 04/11/2014

    Recently, there are various Bug in the initial eso dungeons; especially in the Spindleclutch dungeon (abbreviated SC), there is someone who cannot activate the first quest, Clear the First Cave, after killing a boss. Here is a solution as follows: Step1. Abandon the quest Deadly Whispers. Please lo...

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Dungeon Wayrest Sewers GuidePost : 03/25/2014

      After the eso Darkshade Caverns, the next dungeon we will challenge is the Wayrest Sewers located in the areas of Daggerfall Covenant. How to reach there? I find it on the map. It doesn’t matter to know which map is the dungeon. I can try them one by one. When I find a torch mark with a cros...

  • Detail Guide to ESO Nightblade Exploring Darkshade CavernsPost : 03/19/2014

    The dungeon where we explore is the Darkshade Caverns. The following picture is the entrance to Darkshade Caverns. It is magnificent, isn’t it? Having entered the dungeon, I and my teammates accept a quest. Specially, there is need to note that a NPC follows us after we accepted the quest.Th...

  • Guide to 4 DPS to explore Three ESO Dungeons Post : 03/04/2014

    It is the first time for me to play The Elder Scrolls Online. I like to solo with a bow and reach Level 19 in the game beta. I share my experience with you. In my view, I love Khajiit and Wood Elf and participate in The Aldmeri Dominion. In The Aldmeri Dominion, 50% of players choose Khajiit+ Wood E...

  • Guide to the ESO Dungeon Fungal Grotto for New GamersPost : 02/20/2014

    Since I knew The Elder Scrolls online had the online mode, I was very excited and wanted to experience it. There is a large-scale stress test for the game recently. Fortunately, I get a text account and enter the game. First of all, the game has good screen effect and perfect performance. It is not ...


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