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ESO Veteran Dungeon Crypt of Hearts Build

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eso veteran crypt of hearts

Basic requirements:

-More than 2000 Health Coins
-It is the best that the Healer is Temple and DPS are remote attack classes.

Boss I. Spider Banshee Battle

The spider boss has some deadly abilities:

1. The boss randomly attack a certain player who will be tied up by cobwebs and unable to break away by himself. Thus other teammates should press “X” to extricate the target player as quickly as possible.

2. The spider boss can cast a red lightning circle at the foot of a random target in the 5-meter radius. As soon as you see the red circle at your feet, please quickly press Shift or cast Roll for evasion. Even if you avoid the red circle, you find the circle can still follow you. Then you must note that you draw the circle far away from your allies.

3. It can summon adds to fight. You and your allies should slay the adds as quickly as possible.

Boss II. The Bone BOSS Battle:

To defeat the boss, there is high demand for Healer, who is able to have strong healing ability relatively.

At the beginning, there are the lightning and fire demons. All of you focus fire on them. When their Health is low, the demons summon the bone boss with lightning and flame abilities: the lightning ability is to cast red circles near random player with high frequency. Once hit, the target will lose about 1000 Health. Therefore, you and your allies should keep on moving. The flame ability is fire storm. Specific performance of the ability is that the boss first releases a red circle and then fire storm is coming within the circle. Although the damage of fire storm is deadly, duration is quite long and attack area is large. You and your allies should carefully to avoid. Furthermore, Healer must continuously heal. (If Healer is Templar, she or he had batter cast the powerful healing ability.) Additionally, the bone boss is able to cast melee circle, which is not be blocked. Tank should evade it.

Boss III

Boss III has just 50,000 Health. Without Tank, a group can defeat it. The common attacks of the boss are not very powerful. But, she can draw all players to close to her from time to time. At that time, you can not move for 3 seconds and there are red circles underfoot. Once you can move, please avoid as quickly as possible. You need note that your red circle don’t overlap; otherwise, the circle overlap makes you dead.

Final Boss Battle

There are two phrases in the fight against the final boss: the Staff Phrase and the Sword Phrase.

The Staff Phrase

1. The boss can cast charge ability to attack random player: it can cast a skull to fly toward the target. The ability is very subtle and it is difficult to block. Once hit, the target player will be knocked down and lose about 1500 Health. Basically, the player is dead.

2. It can cast some red circles which can explode in three seconds (five circles each time). The red circles on your feet can reduce your speed though it has low damage. The red circles explosion can cause heavy damage in three seconds, which make players to be killed. The tip to avoid the attack is to continue to move and avoid standing in the circles.

3. The final boss can be teleported nearby random player and instantly cast AOE with knock-down effect, which has the target class lose Health by 1500. The tip to avoid the attack is:  as soon as you release the boss close you, quickly press Shift and evade.

4. It can be teleported to one of the three spell platforms, to summon two mini-bosses with more than 7000 Health. Your and your allies should fast slay the mini-bosses.

The Sword Phrase

When the boss has just 30% Health, it takes a sword as its attack weapon. At this time, the three spell platforms can flash red light; you and your allies don’t stand on them; otherwise, you will continue to lose Health. Thus, Tank should draw the boss during the phrase.

1. It casts control AOE ability to attack all players. Next up, it uses its sword to attacks a random player, who can not do anything. Max Health of the player is reduced to 1/3. What’s worse, Healer can not help the target player restore Health. Then the boss can gain a shield. It is not clear about the ability mechanism of the boss. There is a conjecture for you:

-- When the target player is lifted by boss with the sword, the ally who can move with much Health stand on one of spell platform to supply the target player with Health. Meanwhile, DPS still attack the boss and destroy its shield.

-- It may wait for Health exchange.

2. The boss can randomly rush toward a certain direction. You and your allies should scatter to attack. 


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