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ESO Nightblade Tank Guide and PVE Strategies

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As we all know, there are a lot of BUG for Nightblade abilities in Elder Scrolls Online, which leads in the Nightblade DPS is not ideal. As Tank, Nightblade is far better with less BUG. This guide introduces Nightblade Tank and PVE strategies.

So far, all of attribute Coins are added to Health. It means the Nightblade Tank has 49 HP. Item enchantment can increase Stamina and Magicka. Adding Magicka has an advantage over adding Stamina. Stamina is mainly cost for Block, Roll and Shield Attack. It is enough Stamina that Nightbalde has to avoid damage from a group of monsters. More Magicka means higher damage. Thus, the easiest way is to add Magicka for TESO strong Tank.

ESO Mundus Stone
As to mundus stones, The Mage is for solo play, to increase maximum Magicka. The Lord is used to explore dungeons, so that it increases maximum Health. The two mundus stones is the best choice for Nightblade Tank.

Veteran Rank Gear
First of all, it is the introduction about the veteran rank gear for Nightblade in ESO. There is no doubt that Tank is usually equipped with Heavy Armor. The overall seven pieces of Heavy Armor is capable of perfectly meet the avoidance needs for Tank. Here is to recommend some veteran rank equipment for ESO Tank

Warlock Set
3 pieces of Warlock set, including one Head and two jewels, can have the good effect, not to lose too much property. The effect is “Once per minute, when below 33% Magicka, gain 165 Magicka. CD is short. Warlock Set is useful in group fight. In current version, this set is also transitional equipment. There will be certainly better alternatives in the future updated version.

Song of Lamae Set
This crafted set is particularly good for Tank. 3 pieces of Song of Lamae can add Health Recovery; the five items is for “when Health drops below 30%, deal magic damage to the attacker and reacover Health equal to the damage dealt. 30 seconds cooldown.” As long as five pieces of Song of Lamae are crafted, it is not difficult for your class in the early stage of veteran dungeons. The only disadvantage of Song of Lamae is the unstable effect of Health restoration in the current version.

Ashen Grip Set
The set is the lowest-cost crafted gears. 3 pieces of Ashen Grip: 10% chance to Breath Fire for 35 Flame damage on Melee Hits. This can Happen once every 4 seconds. Ashen Grip set is beneficial to Tank for solo or group fight.

Eyes of Mara Set
3 pieces of Eyes of Mara add spell resistance, which is most significant for Nightblade with low resistance. The five reduces the magicka cost of abilities by 3% when wielding a restoration staff.

Nightblade Abilities
The following the abilities for Nightblade Tank, which is just a reference. Based on different situation, specific abilities can make the appropriate changes. Different abilities have different effects. There is no need to use the following.

There are two sets of weapon abilities above. One is for solo play and the other is used to fight in groups.

1 Siphoning Attack 
2 Inner Fire
3 Absorbs Magic
4 Dark Cloak
5 Swallow Soul
R Veil of Blade

1 Siphoning Attack 
2 Volcanic Rune
3 Absorbs Magic
4 Dark Cloak
5 Sap Essence
R Veil of Blade

PVE Strategies
As the fighting mechanism is free in ESO, different ability sets have different effects in many case. Some ability collocations will have a miraculous for troublesome bosses. There is some PVE strategies.

Inner Fire +Dark Cloak
This is a good damage- immunization collocation to defeat bosses affected by Taunt. You first cast Inner Fire to taunt boss and then release Dark Cloak to attack, which is benefical to allies.

Volcanic Rune+ Absorbs Magic+ Veil of Blade
In solo fight or group battle, Volcanic Rune+ Absorbs Magic+ Veil of Blade is useful. Veil of Blade can below your 100% damage immunization. If damage from bosses is rather high beyond your imagination, the ability collocation makes Nightblade not lose Health basically.
The remote Bosses who are not affected by Taunt
To fight against the remote bosses who are not affected by Taunt, Nightblade can not close to them. A sword and Shield is terrible. You’d better choose the remote weapon to attack. Destruction Staff, Restoration Staff or a bow is the good choice.




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