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ESO VR Templar Ability Date and Assessment (II)-Dawn's Wrath

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We have known how to DPS calculation formulas for Aedric Spear Abilities. This is an analysis to calculate the DPS of Templar's abilities in Dawn's Wrath. In the damage calculation formula is expressed as:
            _X + _Y
  X-- Max Magicka     Y-- spell damage

Dawn's Wrath

ESO VR Templar Ability Date and Assessment (II)-Dawn's WrathNova
The Calculation formula: 0.04X + 0.9Y

The ability is equivalent to Dragonknight Standard, but it is remote attack for 8 seconds. Nova is beneficial to group fight to reduce enemy’s damage. Allies can activate the Supernova synergy and deal damage and stunning all monsters in the area.

The advanced abilities: Solar Prison and Solar Disturbance
Solar Prison-- The new effect of Solar Prison is that allies may activate more powerful synergy ability.
Solar Disturbance-- It snares enemies standing in the area. Their fighting significance is similar; you can choose the best based on your character.

ESO VR Templar Ability Date and Assessment (II)-Dawn's WrathSun Fire
The Calculation formula:  (Initial DPS)  0.06X + 1.25Y
                                       (Subsequent DPS)  0.05X + 1.14Y
Magicka cost at the full level: 280

It deals high damage and reduce enemies’ speed. You can repeatedly cast the ability to gain the ultimate Coins. Sun Fire is good solo ability in PVP as well.

The advanced abilities: Vampire’s Bane and Reflective Light
Vampire’s Bane-- As a solo ability, Vampire’s Bane is more powerful than Sun Fire. You should unlock the advanced ability in PVP as well as PVE.
Reflective Light-- It contributes significantly to leveling in ESO. Reaching the cap level, Reflective Light is capable of snaring multiple targets for 5 seconds.

ESO VR Templar Ability Date and Assessment (II)-Dawn's WrathSolar Flare
The Calculation formula: 0.13X + 2.7Y
Magicka cost at the full level: 336

It deals heavy spell magic damage and Debuff to target. You and your groups can trigger and consume the Debuff. Next attack gains over 50 weapon power and 50 spell power

(Note: not directly increase the damage. Applying the skill damage formula, there are addition damage to increase. For example: if the situation got crystal teammates take to trigger this passive, it has the damage growth by around 200.)

Now we have known the abilities not to trigger the Debuff as follows:
Soul Trap,Scatter Shot,Puncturing Strikes,Spear Shards.(Welcome everybody to continue to complement.)

The advanced abilities: Dark Flare and Solar Barrage
Dark Flare-- It has the Debuff, which is to affect enemies receive 30% healing reduction for 6 seconds. It is useful in PVP.
Solar Barrage-- Different from Dark Flare, Solar Barrage is AOE in the 8-meter Radius. As spell damage is increased, the ability causes about 300 damage. Similar to Impulse in Destruction Staff, it can deals 44.5% of initial damage, but it costs less Magicka. It is interesting that this Impulse can trigger passive abilities, to increase some damage. So, if your spell damage is low, you can try Solar Barrage+ Impulse.

ESO VR Templar Ability Date and Assessment (II)-Dawn's WrathBacklash
Magicka cost at the full level: 196

Apart from low Magicka cost, it makes target enemies store up damage taken for 6 seconds. When effect ends, the targets receive an addition 33% of damage inflicted. Matched with passive abilities, the damage duration is 7.2 seconds; this is, it increases damage by 40% within 7.2 seconds.

The advanced abilities: Power of the Light and Purifying Light
Power of the Light-- After the effect of Power of the Light ends, Power of Light increases weapon power by 2% (Max: 10%) for 7 seconds when attacking target. If your allies depend on weapon damage, Power of the Light is very useful in groups.
Purifying Light-- After the effect of Purifying Light ends, there is a pool of healing light to appear for 7 seconds, where you stand in and gain Health restoration. You can activate the ability to upgrade.

Magicka cost at the full level: 476

The effect of Eclipse is reflectall negative single target effect to enemy himself. According to the game mechanics, most of the solo abilities don’t affected by it:
  -- Nightblade’s: Veiled Strike,Teleport Strik…
  -- Dragknight: Searing Strike,Lava Whip…
 (Welcome everybody to continue to complement.)

Personally, I think Eclipse is control ability, because when I cast the ability to attack the enemy on the battlefield. The effect-black cover- disappeared much faster than I expected. Vaguely, I saw the opposite performed a action to remove the effect. Besides, Eclipse has no effect on the players that are immune to control abilities.

The advanced abilities: Unstable Core and Total Dark
Unstable Core--Target deals damage to all nearby monsters when the effect ends.
Total Dark-- It increases duration. Enemy deals less damage when the effect ends. With passive abilities, it can last 6 seconds. I
n group battle, you can cast Total Dark while the enemy is unprepared. It is awesome in PVP. In PVE, you can apply the advanced ability to slay spell monsters. Casting Total Dark makes target enemy to attack other monsters. It is interesting.

ESO VR Templar Ability Date and Assessment (II)-Dawn's WrathBlinding Light
Magicka cost at the full level: 420

Blinding Light is instant ability in 5-meter radius. It lets nearby monsters have a 50% chance to miss and be set off balance for about 4 seconds.

The advanced abilities: Blinding Flashes and Searing Light
Searing Light-- It adds some AOE damage.
Blinding Flashes-- It deals Debuff for 8 seconds to cause nearby enemies. After casting Blinding Flashes, you can three times of flash. The ability can help Tank reduce stress in PVE. Moreover, Blinding Flashes is powerful in PVP.




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