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ESO VR Templar DPS Assessment (I)--Aedric Spear

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After a lot of data research (mainly the production and analysis of X-Y Scatter), we found that the damage of all abilities of Templar keeps perfect linear relationship (R = 1) with Max Magicka and spell damage; there is no direct correlation between Max Magicka and spell damage.

ESO VR Templar DPS Assessment (I)--Aedric Spear

The damage calculation formula of Templar’s abilities can be expressed as:
   X (Max Magicka) + Y (spell damage)
Barring unforeseen circumstances, you can apply the formula for other classes in ESO.

Aedric Spear

Radial Sweep
The Calculation formula: 0.1X + 2.1Y

Though its damage effect is not very high, Radial Sweep as an ultimate ability, is useful AOE because the ultimate Coins it cost is less, the ability is common

Advance Abilities: Crescent Sweep and Empowering Sweep

Both of its advanced abilities is good. For me, I get Empowering Sweep to gain armor for each enemy hit.

Puncturing Strikes
The Calculation formula: 0.1X (per hit) + 2.1Y
Magicka cost at the full level: 368

It is the main attack ability for Templar to slay 2 ~3 monsters. Although the cast time is 1.1 theoretically, the actual time is longer in battle; that is to say, it is impossible to release four times within 4.4 second.

Advance Abilities: Biting Jabs and Puncturing Sweep

It is suggestion that you can choose Biting Jabs As a good solo ability, to increase Critical hit chance and lower enemies’ Health. The other advanced ability, Puncturing Sweep, is weaker

Piercing Javelin
The Calculation formula: 0.06X + 1.25Y
Magicka cost at the full level: 420

Piercing Javelin is the only solo control ability with high Magicka cost. Its damage is general, but it is necessary to slay the controlled bosses.

Advance Abilities: Aurora Javelin and Binding Javelin

The damage of the advanced abilities is not very high. it is more useful that Binging Javelin can increase knockdown duration.

Focused charge
The Calculation formula: 0.8X + 1.676Y
Magicka cost at the full level: 364

It is good charge ability with the interrupt effect.

Advance Abilities: Explosive Charge and Toppling Charge

Explosive Charge increases stun duration. And you can use it in PVP. Toppling Charge is good AOE to make casting targets are set off balance.

Spear Shards
The Calculation formula: 0.06X + 1.13Y
Magicka cost at the full level: 336

As AOE, the output damage of Spear shards is poor, but it has the auxiliary effect. For example, you can cast the ability to help Tank, who immediately restores Stamina by 25%. Thus the ability is beneficial to Tank in fight against block bosses.

Advance Abilities: Blazing Spear and Luminous Shards
Blazing Spear DPS: 0.0032X+ 0.114Y

The advanced ability can increase the range DOT damage. With the Passive abilty Burning Light, Blazing Spear deals far higher damage, which make it become powerful AOE ability to deal continuous damage.
Luminous Shards can restore more Stamina and Magicka over time.

Sun Shield
The Calculation formula: 0.03X + 0.65Y
Magicka cost at the full level: 336

With low Magicka, you character can gain Magicka during while the shield is active. In general, magic Templar has 8.90 Magicka Regeneration; this is, it restores 4.50 Magicka per second.However, if the shield lasts for 6 seconds, it cost Magicka by 240. In view of the percentage of life Shield, Sun shield is still very good, especially in the crowd battle.

Advance Abilities: Radiant Ward and Blazing Shield

Radiant Ward “creates damage shield for 30% max Health that lasts 6 seconds and deals magic damage to nearby enemies within radius on activation. Each successful hit increases shield strength by 5%. You will not regenerate Magicka while the shield is active. New effect:Shield strengthened further for each enemy.”

Blazing Shield “creates damage shield for 30% max health that lasts 6 second. Each nearby target increases shield strength by 4%. Returns 50% of damage taken to nearby enemies when effect ends. You will not regenerate Magicka while the shield is active. New effect: Deals damage when shield ends based on damage absorbed.”

Burning Light
The Calculation formula: 0.05X + 1.0Y

It is a passive skill to have 25% chance on hit to deal 5 magic damage to enemy.



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