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How to Choose Abilities for ESO Sorcerer

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Based on the build “The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man Trials”, this guide written by Tripwyr from TAMRIEFOUNDRY.COM is used analyze how to choose abilities for Sorcerer in Elder Scrolls Online.

Some abbreviation in the guide:
DPET – Damage per execution time.
It refers to the damage a spell deals for every a second spend execution or casting. We assume that instant spells have a 1 second execution time due to the light attack cooldown.

DPS – Damage per second.
This refers to the damage a given deals each second. This differs from DPET which simply calculates the total damage dealt for a given spell execution.

Proc – Procedure.
This is a term used to refer to an event triggered under particular circumstances. In this context, it refers to abilities which have a chance of occurring under various circumstances. For example, Crystal Fragments has a 35% chance when casting other spells to “proc” an instant spell cast.

Spell evaluations will be formatted in the following way:

DPET Total (Increase over Crystal Fragments)
DPS Total (Increase over Crystal Fragments)

--See below for how this is calculated. The most important figure is DPS increase over Crystal Fragments. DPS Total tells us very little since the skills will not be spammed.

We should also consider the DPET of Crystal Fragments at 903.04, and instant Crystal Fragments at 1173.953. Since the DPET of Crystal Fragments is 903.04, we can also take this to be our base DPS.

Calculating Spell Values

In this section I will demonstrate how I am calculating the DPS and DPET of each ability. I will use Velocious Curse as an example.

First we calculate the base DPET using the following formula:

[(Base Damage + LA) * (1 + Spell Critical * 0.5) + 94.82] / Execution Time

In my case I have a 559 Base Damage, 148 Light Attack, 60.3% Spell Critical, giving me 920.16 DPET. This gives us a 17.12 DPET improvement over Crystal Fragments. To convert this to DPS, we use the following formula:

Damage Per Execution Time / Average Time Between Casts

The average time between casts can vary but for Velocious Curse, 4 seconds is a generous estimate. This gives us a DPS improvement of 4.28 over simply casting Crystal Fragments.

Each cast of Velocious Curse also gives a 35% chance to cast Crystal Fragments instantly. We already know that an instant Crystal Fragments has an 1173.953 DPET, so we can calculate the DPS increase in the following way:
[(DPET Instant – DPET Hard Cast) / Average Time Between Casts] * Chance of Activation

Average time between casts is 4 seconds, the chance of activation is 35% or 0.35, and the DPET difference is 270.913. This gives us a DPS increase of 23.7 for instant Crystal Fragments activations. Adding this to Velocious Curse’s increase of 4.28 gives us a total DPS increase of approximately 28 (27.98). We can also calculate the total DPET increase as:

(DPET Instant – DPET Hard Cast) * Chance of Activation

Giving us 94.82 DPET for a total Velocious Curse DPET of 1014.98.

Velocious Curse
Unfortunately only one Sorcerer can have Velocious Curse active at any given time. This makes it impractical for Trials where an average of 3 Sorcerers will be present in each group.

--1014.98 (111.94) DPET
--232.755 (27.98) DPS

Summon Winged Twilight
Our DPET and DPS values are variable in this case because Winged Twilight is indefinite. As a result, we must consider two scenarios; the pet stays alive for the entire fight (full duration), and the pet must be summoned mid-fight (limited duration).

Full Duration
The pet surviving for the entire fight means that there is 0 time spent activating it. Additionally, since you could not have otherwise spent the execution time casting Crystal Fragments, the DPS gain is 100% efficient (the gained DPS is entirely on top of your normal DPS).

--Infinite (Infinite) DPET
--64 (64) DPS

Limited Duration
This is where things get tricky, read on below to see how I came up with these numbers. Evaluations for 20, 30 and 40 second durations, note that we are including cast time in the total duration:

20 Seconds:
--1471.44 (568.4) DPET
--73.57 (28.42) DPS

30 Seconds
2111.44 (1208.4) DPET
70.38 (40.28) DPS

40 Seconds
2751.44 (1848.4) DPET
68.79 (46.21) DPS

Let us first find the break-even Coin for casting Winged Twilight compared to Crystal Fragments. We use Crystal Fragment’s 903.04 DPET to solve for Winged Twilight, including instant Crystal Fragment procs:
903.04 = [(64 * t) + 192.62 + 94.82] / 1.5

We find that a duration of 16.67 seconds allows us to break even with a Crystal Fragments cast. However, the Winged Twilight is unable to attack while being summoned, so we must add the 1.5 second cast time for a total of 18.17 seconds.

From here, calculating our durations is easy:
--DPET = ((Duration-1.5) * 64) + 94.82 + 192.62
--DPS = DPET / Duration
--DPS Gain over Fragments = (DPET – cfDPET) / Duration

Daedric Minefield
This skill requires melee range, and also requires the boss be large enough for all 5 mines to detonate. This works for The 1st, 2nd and 3rd bosses in Aetherian Archive, and the 1st boss in Hel Ra Citadel.

--2584.59 (1681.55) DPET
--861.53 (560.52) DPS

Liquid Lightning
This ability will require practice to avoid losing too much time placing the area effect circle. I am calculating both with and without the conduit synergy. For the synergy calculations, I am assuming they use Spell Critical and are being activated by another player with the same statistics that I have:

With Synergy

--1877.15 (974.11) DPET
--625.72 (324.7) DPS

Without Synergy

--1179.55 (276.51) DPET
--393.18 (92.17) DPS

Soul Trap
This skill from the Soul Magic tree is a simple DoT effect which procs instant Crystal Fragments. This skill is included because I have been asked about it several times, it is unsurprisingly not a DPS increase.
--847.09 (-55.96) DPET
--84.71 (-5.6) DPS

Rearming Trap
This inclusion is entirely theoretical, as I have not tested it in any form. I am assuming that it is based on Spell Critical, and that you are attacking an undead or Daedric enemy. Damage is calculated from the base skill, it does not include the damage gained from increased ranks.
--1848.13 (945.09) DPET
--231.02 (118.14) DPS

Another ability I have not yet morphed. Calculations are based on the rank 3 base skill. I am ignoring Might of the Guild because Light Attack currently consumes it.
--860.1 (-42.94) DPET
--59.73 (-2.99) DPS

Scalding Rune
I do not have this morphed, calculations are based on the rank 3 base skill and the DoT is calculated. I am ignoring Might of the Guild because Light Attack currently consumes it.

--1028.14 (125.1) DPET
--102.81 (12.51) DPS

Razor Caltrops
This ability is one that I had previously recommended, but I’ve started to move toward other fillers such as Winged Twilight and Daedric Minefield. This is still a very high DPET skill which acts effectively when other skills are impractical. However, Caltrops still beats Winged Twilight on fights where the Winged Twilight does not survive indefinitely.
--2412.98 (1509.94) DPET
--80.43 (50.33) DPS


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