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The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man Trials

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This is a detail build to the first Sorcerer in Elder Scrolls Online. There are strategy to explore 12-player Trials, which I hope it is helpful for you to play Sorcerer in the game. 

The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man Trials

Personally, the best race for Sorcerer is Breton, for the passive abilities of the race can have spell reduction by 3%, which is useful for Sorcerer in battle.

Of course, Altmer and Imperial are good choice for Sorcerer. Altmer is the best race for raw damage output. It is obvious that the shock bonus improves the execution phase. Imperial has 12% of Max Health, to make you add more attribute Coins to Magicka or Stamina.

As you can see from the following screenshot, all attribute Coins are added in Health. After all, survival is the most significant thing in combat.

In fact, lots of players who reach VR10 in ESO prefer adding all attribute Coins into Health. Magicka and Stamina are supported by eso items, abilities, potion and so on.
The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man Trials
In Elder Scrolls Online, a lot of high damage mechanics are divided into the avoidable damage and unavoidable damage. High enough Health Coins assure your class to survive if she or he accepts the unavoidable damage.
As we all know, more Magicka means more damage. If you want to higher damage, you can shift some Coins into Magicka.
The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man Trials

Based on the experience, with a Max Magika pool of 2050, Sorcerer can gain 0.13% of additional damage every 10 Magicka Coins (less Max Magicka will gain higher damage).

Especially, you can choose the above distribution if you play Imperial---16 Magicka / 33 Health / 0 Stamina. Imperial Sorcerers is not only gain the same amount of health but also have higher damage than other races.

Mundun Stone
The Mage increases Maximum Magicka. When Sorcerer reaches full levels, The Mage can increase about 1.2% of damage.
The Thief can increase critical strike chance by 2.5%.

The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man Trials


ESO Veteran Rank Items

Head, chest and legs: The Infused trait on major pieces (added enchanting effect).
Shoulders, hands, waist and feet: Divines trait on minor pieces.

Two Pieces of Willow’s Path (Head, shoulders or legs)
In general, three pieces of Willow’s Path can add 5% of spell critical. With Cyrodil Bonuses, The Willow’s Path will add 50% of spell critical, 42% of spell critical without Cyrodil Bonuses.

Five pieces of Wise Mage
The Wise Mage set is the items dropped from the final boss in Trials, as well as quest reward and the weekly leaderboard reward. Five pieces of Wise Mage is capable of increasing damage for bosses by 5%. At least, one player can wear the Wise Mage set in Trials.

5 Pieces of Worm Cult
The Worm Cult set is the items dropped from rare bosses in a verteran dungeon at VR6- VR10, including veteran Darkshade Caverns, Elden Hollow, and Wayrest Sewers. The five items add 8% spell damage to your entire group. Thus, there is one player in your groups at least, who is equipped with the Worm Cult set.

5 Pieces of Twilight’s Embrace
If your and your groups have not the Wise Mage set and Worm Cult set, the Twilight’s Embrace set is nice. Three pieces of Twilight’s Embrace increase healing by 10%; five pieces adds additional spell critical by 5%, to make Staff gain 55% of critical strike.
Nightmother’s Gaze Set brings you the same spell critical bonus, but it does not provide the less survivability than the Twilight’s Embrace affords.
In the current game, different jewels are matched with specific weapons. For Restoration staff, the best choice is any purple quality jewels to add 78 Magicka. And Jewels should be enchanted to increase Spell Damage.

The main attack weapon for Sorcerer is Restoration Staff.

Restoration Staff of the Willow’s Path – Precise Trait – Shock Damage
Restoration Staff of the Willow’s Path – Precise Trait – Magicka Drain

Two restoration stave is used to take maximum advantage of the execute phase (<20%) of the fight. This is done because both final bosses end with a DPS race mechanic in which you must kill the boss before the intense healing wipes your group. The shock damage staff has a dedicated bar with Critical Surge and Mage’s Wrath to maximize survivability while taking advantage of Disintegration (passive) as an execute mechanic. This bar also has a limited number of AoE spells to ensure you can be helpful during trash pulls.


The Best ESO Sorcerer for Exploring 12-Man Trials

Some Important  Abilities

Crystal Fragments
It is necessary for sorcerer to fight in ESO. The ability deals heavy damage. You can repeatedly cast the ability which is not interrupt. Crystal fragments are frequently used in battle.

Mage’s Wrath
For most of Sorcerers, Mage’s Wrath is a useful ability. When Health of a bosses lowers 20%, the ability can deal very damage, which makes Sorcerer have a potent force in a game dominated by Dragonknight.

Inner Light
Inner Light in the Mage’s Guild provides 20% Spell Critical. But through passives abilities in Mage’s Guild, the ability can also grants 2% maximum Magicka and 2% Magicka regeneration. In fact, it adds higher damage than that of other abilities. Thus, Inner Light plays a important role in both weapon bars.

Critical Surge
In Trials, there are two powerful final bosses. It is quite difficult to defeat them. You first cast Critical Surge to reduce healer stress and gain more survival chances for your group. In terms of me, it is core ability. But if you must give up one, you can remove it.

Spell Symmetry
Spell Symmetry is your Magicka sustain in combat. It allows you to cast high cost spells without concern for your Magicka pool. We are building around Crystal Fragments. If you have not high enough Magicka, Spell Symmetry is a must.

Greater Storm Atronach
The ultimate ability deals the highest damage for Sorcerer. It is superior to Charged Atronach in fights against bosses, because it can increase duration and Max Health. Furthermore, it is instant; you can use other attacks abilities after casting Greater Storm Atronach. The ability deals more damage over the full duration than Soul Assault; Greater Storm Atronach averages 4500-5000 damage over the full lifetime of the Atronach.

Power Overload
Sorcerer in this build is armed with Restoration Staff, which means its AoE potential is somewhat lackluster. Power Overload helps to narrow the AoE gap between this build and other Destruction Staff oriented builds. You carefully distribute te ultimate Coins to ensure this enough available Coins when AoE damage is needed.



Light Attack
There is a essential concept for the build:light attack weaving. First of all, I explain Light attack weaving.
Essentially, there are 3 parts, in descending order they are:


-- Any Spell costing Magicka or Stamina.
--Light Attacks or Heavy Attacks

Block/Bash can cancel spell cast animations; spell cast animations will cancel light/heavy attack animations, and Block/Bash will cancel light/heavy attack animations. It means any Light Attacks initiated before casting a spell will cancel its animation. But its effect will still activate. Hence, casting Light Attacks before every ability will increase the DPS.
For example,
Light attack deals 148 damage
Crystal Fragments deals 757 damage.
Light Attack+ (immediately casting) Crystal Fragments deals 148 + 757 = 905 damage.

Ability Rotation

Now that you understand light attack weaving, look at the ability rotation:

Activate Inner Light (if not currently active)→Spell SymmetryMage’s Fury (if target health is at or lower than 20%) →Storm Atronach (cast when ready) →Crystal Fragments

NOTE: you need to release Light Attack after casting every ability in the above rotation.


The next news is a the Sorcerer's ability damage caculation and fight mechanics-- STAY TUNED.

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