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ESO VR10 Nightblade with Restoration Staff for 12-player Trials

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This is the ESO Nightblade guide written by Recon in TAMRIELFOUNDRY. I hope it is useful for you if you play Nightblade in Elder Scrolls Online.
Veteran Rank Gear
Armor:  7 Light Armor. 3 Pieces of Willow’s Path to add 5% of spell critical strike; 5 pieces of Twilight’s Embrace to increase healing by 10% and spell critical strike by 5%.
Jewelry:  VR12 Arcane with spell damage enchants, to add Magicka.
Weapon:  Precise (Twilight’s Embrace). Restoration Staff with enchanting Absorb Magicka, to add spell damage and restore Magicka.
Mundus Stone:  The Thief to increase critical strike chance.
Of course, you can use The Shadow to increase critical strike damage.


Weapon I.
  ESO VR10 Nightblade with Restoration Staff for 12-player Trials

Ability1: Funnel Health. The ability deals 22 magic damage and heals player and two nearby allies for 25% of the damage inflicted every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Ability2: Impale. It deals 14 magic damage. Low Health targets take 300% additional damage.

Ability3: Ambush. It is instant ability. Player move through the shadows, appearing next to target. It deals 20 magic damage to enemy and stuns monsters for 1.5 seconds. Next attack on target deals 36% additional damage.

Ability4: Inner Light. The ability summons a light that reveals hidden and invisible enemies within 12 meters. It reduces Max Magicka by 5% and increases spell critical strike chance by 20%. Toggle to activate.

Ability5: Siphoning Attacks. While toggled, basic weapon attacks restored 4% Magicka and Stamina, but weapon and spell damage reduced by 23%. 10% chance all attacks to restore 15% Magicka and Stamina.

The Ultimate Ability: Veil of Blades. It creates an area of darkness for 15 seconds. Enemies in this area are snared 70% and take allies take 30% less damage and caster gains and additional 100% of this value. Grants allies in the area slip away, granting them invisibility.

Weapon II. ESO VR10 Nightblade with Restoration Staff for 12-player Trials

Ability1: Power Extraction. It deals 11 magic damage to nearby enemies and increases weapon damage by 11% for each enemy damaged, for 20 seconds. Max number of targets inceasesed from 6 to 9.
Ability2: Impale
Ability3: Ambush
Ability4: Inner Light
Ability5: Siphoning Attacks
The Ultimate Ability: Veil of Blades

Why not to use Crippled and Mark Target ?

For ESO players who play Nightblade, some like Cripple; some love to Mark Target. According to my experience, Cripple can ruin the animation canceling rotation so that it causes a net DPS loss. In 12-player trials, I didn’t use Mark Target, because any Debuff to your spell resist will increase the amount of damage you take.
Of course, you can choose your abilities based on your character.

About The Ulitmate Abilities.

ESO VR10 Nightblade with Restoration Staff for 12-player Trials

For the Nightblade in the build, however, When Veil of Blades is cast, it is clear to increase AOE DPS. What’s more, Veil of Blades is affected spell critical strike and it benefits from spell damage. In attack range of Veil of Blades, it is capable of reducing damage 60% and allies can have 30% of less damage. Affected by passive abilities in Shadow, Veil of Blades can gain Max Health by 3% when it’s slotted (Fortitude) and it lasts for 17.3 seconds, up from 15 seconds because of Dark Veil.
ESO VR10 Nightblade with Restoration Staff for 12-player Trials



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