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ESO VR 10 Templar Guide (II)

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I think Templar is a relatively comprehensive and steady class. For my Templar, Most of abilities I unlock are AOE. In the early stage, I unlocked some healing abilities to add the survival chances for my class, which is good idea. However, when my character reached Veteran Rank, that way is useless. There is no abilities Coin to add after I reached veteran rank 1; all of attribute value got to the soft caps; the damage of abilities have less room for growth; Health of enemies is greatly increased, to result in no Magicka while restoring half Health. To solve those problems, I got some control abilities, which are helpful with some AOE abilities. For example, Volcanic Rune (in Mages Guild) is a control ability to stun enemies for 3 seconds, which is one of my important attack abilities.


ESO Veteran Rank Gear

Equipment: As to my gear, I equipped my character with two heavy armors and five light armors, to add my Magicka maximum. My Templar wore three jewels: two reduce my Magicka cost and one adds Magicka restoration. Because I added all attribute Coins to Health (49), the overall equipment is to increasing Magicka.

Weapons: Destruction Staff/ Restoration Staff


VR10 Templar solo fighting against veteran bosses

Weapon: Destruction Staff.

Abilities and strategies:

I divided veteran bosses into two types: one is the controllable bosses affected by control abilities; the other is the uncontrollable bosses not affect by control abilities.

The controllable bosses
1. Generally, this type of bosses often is single without any Adds. With Destruction Staff, my Templar casts Destructive Clench+ Heavy Attacks and then easily slays them.
2.  The controllable bosses followed Adds. If the boss has some Adds, I cast Fire Rune to control nearby Adds.
3.  The controllable bosses with high Health. To fight against them, I pay attention to ensuring that I have Magicka to cast abilities. Heavy Attacks can restore Magicka. Once I find my Magick to close to zero, I will use Heavy Attacks.

The uncontrollable bosses
This type of bosses is the biggest headache for solo. For my Templar, I just depend on healing abilities to add the chances to survive. I’m sorry that I have specific strategy to share with you. But I show you a group of ability collocation to you.

ESO VR 10 Templar Guide (II)


ESO VR10 Templar for PVE

Weapon: Restoration Staff

Abilities and strategies:

I talk about Templar for PVE. As a matter of fact, there is no specific and regular build for Templar in PVE. You need to decide your ability collocation in accordance with the specific situation.
There are some useful common abilities for Templar in PVE.
ESO VR 10 Templar Guide (II)
Ability1: Breath of Life. It can instantly restore Health of nearby wounded ally. The ability restores Magicka when healing low Health allies. When you cast Breath of Life, you will note to aim to the target with low Health.

Ability2: Mutagen. The second ability can heal two friendly allies for 66 over 20 seconds. It can hels for an additional 3 (include self) and removes effect when target drops below 20% Health.

Ability3: Ward Ally. It creates 6 Coin damage shield for 6 seconds on caster and the lowest Health is bolstered by up to 300%, increasing based on Health lost.

Ability4: Combat Prayer. This is instant ability in Restoration Staff. It can heal allies in front of player for 14. The affected allies gain 15 Armor and Spell Resistance for 8 seconds and 11% additional damage for the duration.
Combat Prayer is quite useful when I explore VR5 Spindlentch, because you continue the ability to attack the boss with 100K Health, to reduce the stress of your group.

Ability5: Purifying Ritual. It instantly removes five negative effects from self. Over 12 seconds, it heals nearby allies for three every two seconds. Allies in range may activate Purify, removing all negative.

The ultimate ability: Solar Prison (in Dawn’s Wrath). It makes enemies deal 30% less damage for 8 seconds and take 15 magic damage every 1second. An ally may activate the Gravity Crush.



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