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ESO VR 10 Templar Guide (I)

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This guide is divided into two parts:
I. ESO Templar Power Leveling.
II. ESO VR 10 Templar Experience.

I. ESO Templar Power Leveling

Most of players said that Templar is so weak that the he or she is easily killed in battle. it is can be said that Templar is the weakest for solo play in the four classes, indeed. Players who play Templar often have the following problems:

1. Restoring method is single. This is a main problem. Although Templar is the only class with the healing abilities, most of players depend on those abilities to assure their survival in fights, which makes players extremely lacks of Magicka in the early and middle stage. There is often a case: costing Magicka to restore Health→no Magicka to cast abilities→ being damaged by enemies→ costing Magicka to restore Health→… This is an bad, endless loop. Thus, it is difficult for Temple to level up. 

2. Templar is undue reliance on Magicka cost. As the first attacks, many of players like to cast some spell abilities, such as Puncturing Strikes (in Aedric Spear), Solar Flare and so on. In fact, those spell abilities can not deal high enough damage to enemies but they have to cost much Magicka, especially in the late stage.

3. Templar has not a good ability to defense. Lots of players complain that Templar is weak. Sun Shield and Solar Flare is just so-so, but both of them are rather useful in the late stage.

This build is to solve the above problems and create a good Templar in ESO.


In the early stage

Weapons: a bow

Equipment: Heavy Armor and Light Armor (The former are more than the latter).

Ability1: Poison Arrow. It is a necessary ability with low cost for the archer. After upgraded, the ability has an interrupt effect.
Ability2: Volley.  It is AOE ability with high damage. Its advanced ability, Scorched Earth, can deal with fire DOT. It is useful.
Ability3: Piercing Javelin. This is good control ability, to hurls a spear dealing magic damage and knocking back target five meters. The advanced Binding Javelin increased knockdown duration.
Ability4: Sun Fire, the instant ability can reduce enemies’ speed and deal DOT with low Magicka cost. Sun Fire+ Volley can slay monsters quickly in combat. The advanced Reflective Light is quite useful AOE ability.
Ability5: Rushed Ceremony. It is instant ability to heal nearby wounded ally. Breath of Health is the advanced ability of Rushed Ceremony.
The ultimate ability: According to your character, choose your ultimate ability.

1. Sun Fire is the first attack in fights.
2. If you encounter the melee monster with full Health, you can cast Piercing Javelin to knock back.
3. Cost Poison Arrow to interrupt the remote attack enemies.
4. To slay a boss, you can change the Ability2: Volley into ESO VR 10 Templar Guide (I) Scatter Shot. Based on your character, you can select the advanced abilities of Scatter Shot.


In the middle and later stages

Weapon1: the dual weapon.
Weapon2: a bow/ Restoration Staff

Equipment: Five Heavy Armors and two Light Armors.

Abilities: ESO VR 10 Templar Guide (I)
Abilty1: Reverse Slash. It is a good instant ability to kill monsters with Stamina cost. Reverse Slash can deal physical damage, with damage increasing based on target’s Health loss. The advanced Reverse Slice is powerful AOE ability.
Abilty2: Focused Charge. Why to apply the ability? Because its advanced ability, Explosive Charge, is a good AOE ability to deal damage to all enemies at the Coin of impact.
Abilty3: Cleave. It is low cost, DOT and AOE. What’s more, the advanced Brawler is a good survival ability.
Abilty4: Sun Fire.
Abilty5: Rushed Ceremony.
If your Templar is a vampire, you can change the Rushed Ceremony into ESO VR 10 Templar Guide (I)Drain Essence to restore Health and Stamina.

The ultimate ability: Radial Sweep. With low cost, it deals high damage in wide attacking range. The advanced Empowering Sweep is more powerful.

1. In the guide, Templar needs to be familiar with abilities and he has good reaction speed.
2. Focused Charge is the first attack ability. The next you cast is the ultimate ability if the ultimate Coins are full. If not, you can cast Cleave and then release Sun Fire; repeat Sun Fire till the ultimate Coins are full.
3. To fight against melee bosses, the bow is a good choice. To kill spell bosses, the above abilities are better.



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