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Detail List of ESO Status Effects

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New ESO players are often confused about the description for the battle statuses. They also don’t know how to deal to enemies in the eso battlefield and what effects the battle Statuses can cause. There is a detail list of eso battle Status effects.

Bleed--- A target receives physical damage. E.G. The ability of two-handed weapon, Twin Slashes, can cause the bleed state.

Blind--- A target does not hit enemies. E.G. The ability of Sparks can cause Blind.

Burned--- A target suffers fire damage over time. E.G. Dragonknight’s Fiery Breath of Ardent Flame.


Concussion--- The damage of a target is reduced by 10%. E.G. Force Shock(Destruction Staff).

Poisoned--- A target suffers physical damage over time. E.G. Poison (Bow).

The following status effects are the strongest control. As long as you characters are in the Statuses, there is no way to remove those effects.

Deep Freeze --- A target can not move when his or her action is interrupted, but the target can cast abilities to attack. E.G. Destrctive Touch (Destruction Staff).

Knockback--- The action of a target is interrupt and the target is pushed 4~6 meters in opposite direction of attack.

Knockeddown--- A target is interrupted knocked down, during which the target can not move and cast abilities. The status effect lasts 2 seconds. E.G. Sorcerer’s Crystal Shard (Dark Magic).

Arrow Silenced--- A target is interrupted and abilities can not be cast. But the target can move and attack. E.G. Sorcerer’s Negate Magic (Dark Magic).


The following status effects can be removed through clicking left and right at the same time. You can immune to the next in a period of time after you can remove this state.

Chilled--- the movement speed of a target is reduced by 40%. E.G. Force Shock (Destruction Staff).

Disorient--- A target can not perform any action, but that the target is damaged can cancel the status effect. E.G. Sorcerer’ Rune Prison (Dark Magic).

Fear--- A target is interrupted, who moves toward the opposite attack direction. E.G. Nightblade’s Aspect of Terror (Shadow).

Off Balance--- A target can not perform action, during which the target is knocked down if he or she is hit by Heavy Attack. E.G. Crushing Shock (The advanced ability of Force Shock in Destruction Staff).

Stun--- A target cannot move, attack or perform any actions like drink potion. E.G. Shield Charge (One-Hand and Shield).

Taunted--- A target is interrupted and made to attack on other player. E.G. Puncture (One-Hand and Shield).


You can cast Roll to remove the following status effect with Stamina cost. There is no immunity time for you after you remove them.

Immobilize--- A target can not move but can attack and perform action. E.G. Stampede (The advanced ability of Critical Charge in Two-handed).

Snare--- The movement of a target is reduced, who can attack, cast abilities or perform actions. E.G. Low Slash (One-Hand and Shield)

Detail List of ESO Status Effects



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