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ESO Dungeon Guide: to Analyze ESO Veteran Wayrest Sewers Bosses in Detail

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There are varieties of Elder Scrolls Online dungeons for four-player group. The dungeons are divided into the normal mode and the veteran mode. The veteran dungeons are more difficult than the normal dungeons. Moreover, as long as you reach veteran ranks, the veteran dungeons will be unlocked. ESO Veteran Wayrest Sewers is one of veteran dungeons at VR6~10, where there are six strong bosses.

ESO Dungeon Guide: to Analyze ESO Veteran Wayrest Sewers Bosses in Detail

Boss1. Malubeth the Scourger

The first boss in the Veteran Wayrest Sewers is Malubeth the Scourger, who look like a snake. When you enter a room, you will see three altars. Malubeth lies on the middle altar.

ESO Dungeon Guide: to Analyze ESO Veteran Wayrest Sewers Bosses in Detail 

Skills and and Strategy:

Solo skill--- The boss can cast solo skill to attack a player nearby.

AOE circles--- Malubeth can frequently cast AOE circles. At the beginning, the AOE circles are red and then turn blue to deal damage to players for some seconds. Players ought to carefully jump out of the circles.

The deadly Attack--- Malubeth has a deadly attack skill: when it become purple, it will cast the purple lines to lift a player nearby and deal greatly high damage to the target. At that time, Healer helps the player to restore Health as quickly as possible and two of players go to activate the two latar on either side.

Tank ought to drag the boss's fire. Healer heals Tank nearby.


Boss2. Uulgarg the Risen

Uulgarg the Risen is a mini-boss. It is easy for your group to defeat it. The boss can deal fire damage. Thus, the vampire player should careful avoid the fire attacks.


Boss3. Skull Reaper

Skull Reaper is the option boss. It is not difficult for your group to kill it.

ESO Dungeon Guide: to Analyze ESO Veteran Wayrest Sewers Bosses in Detail

Skills and Strategy:

Heavy strike--- Skull Reaper can hit one target nearby with its right hand. Tank can draw the boss’s fire.

Risen dead skeletons--- Skull Reaper summons risen dead skeleton who can heal the boss. Therefore, your group should kill them as soon as possible.

Cone attack--- The boss can cast red frontal triangle to deal heavy damage. You and your group ought to carefully avoid.


Boss4. Garron the Returned

Garron the Returned is the fourth boss in Veteran Wayrest Sewers.

Skills and Strategy:

AOE circles--- Garron the Returned can frequently cast red AOE circles on the ground to deal damage to players. You and your allies just avoid the circle.

Soul mini-monsters--- The boss can summon four souls to attack. They can deal ice damage to root players. You and your team should to kill the souls as quickly as possible in the fight.

The deadliest attack--- Garron can cast beam attack which deals tons of damage after it casts soul mini-monster. All players ought to be likely to avoid the skill. The moment some of players are hit by the beam attack, the only thing is to help the attacked targets restore as much Health as other teammates can.


Boss5. The Lost One

The fifth boss is The Lost One followed by a group of mini-monsters. Thus, you need to wipe out the monsters first before fighting against the boss. Then Tank should draw the boss far away from the other teammates.

Skills and Strategy:

Fontal wave attack--- The Lost One has a frontal wave attack, which need to be blocked. He will back up a few steps before doing this attack. If you don't block this frontal, you risk getting one shotted.
ESO Dungeon Guide: to Analyze ESO Veteran Wayrest Sewers Bosses in Detail 

Boss6. Veraine & Allene Pellingare

Veraine & Allene Pellingare are the final powerful bosses in the veteran dungeon. When you arrive at the boss room, you can see zombies. You and your group slay them first.

Skills and Strategy:

Veraine's Circle attack--- Veraine can cast red circles to attack. Tank ought to right click to block and the other teammates can avoid circles.

Veraine's Cone attack--- Veraine can cast red cone to attack target nearby. Tank ought to right click to block; the other teammates can block or avoid the attack abilities.

Immunity shield--- The bosses can gain immunity shields to immune to damage for 20 seconds when the boss Health lowers 15%.

Bats--- When bosses disappear, Bats are summoned whose shriek attack will stun players. All of you team should AOE/CC these bats as soon as possible.



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