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ESO VR10 Sorcerer Build: The Best Magic Slayer

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This is the build about eso VR10 Sorcerer who deals purely magic damage. There are features of the magic sorcerer to show you.

ESO VR10 Sorcerer Build: The Best Magic Slayer

First of all, the fit of Sorcerer’s abilities and mages guild abilities is quite high. Especially, in the course of fights against monsters, the fit is the obviously advantage for Sorcerer, which is as efficient as Dragonknight slays enemies.

Secondly, Sorcerer is the most effective class to balance all attribute resources among four classes. To survive in the combat, Health is important for any class in ESO, Dark Exchange is the only ability that costs Stamina to restore Health and Magicka. As a mage class, Sorcerer needs enough Magicka to cast abilities; the mages guild abilities can transform Health into Magicka. Therefore, it can be said that sorcerer never lacks of Magicka.

Thirdly, Sorcerer is the strongest killing machine. Some players may think of Nightblade or the two-handed weapons. In fact, Nightblade can not take a ability to reduce Magicka. And most Nightblade is equipped with medium armor, which makes him or her use the abilities with high Magicka cost. The two-handed weapons are not high damage and the limitation of dexterity. However, Sorcerer has enough Magicka to continually cast attack abilities.

Final, the equipment requirement of purely magic Sorcerer is not very high. But the damage is difficult to grow up in the late. When you reach VR10, you will find that Sorcerer’s Magic damage keeps about 80. The magic damage is difficult to reach the softcap. In other word, Sorcerer’s magic damage has no magic Buff in the late. However, the weapon damage is .varied with different weapons. You enable the weapon Buff to easily reach the damage softcap through Surge and so on. The Pure magic sorcerer is absolutely a excellent DPS class in the melee.

Well, if you apply to the build, you have to make your mages guild to reach level 10. It will cost your half of day.

Races: High Elf> Breton> Dark Elf

Attribute Coins: 49 Health Coins. Magicka depends on food and equipment to reach Magicka softcap.

Equipment: seven light armors. You choose the enchantment to add max Magicka or Magicka regeneration.

Trait: Infuse or Divines.

Jewelry: the jewels to add magic damage.

Weapon: The staff to increase critical strike.

Mundus: Mage. You can improve magic damage by the way to add Mundus.

Sets: There are three sets for the VR10 magic Sorcerer.
• Seducer: (3 items ) to reduce spell cost by 3%.
• Magnus’ Gift: (3 items) 5% chance to negate the cost of s spell.
• Willow’s Path:(3items0 to add 5% of critical strike; (5 items)to increase all regeneration in combat by 20% during daytime.


Ative Abilities

Weapon I: Restoration Staff (solo, DPS)

Yeah, it is the Restoration Staff that adds the damage of magic sorcerer abilities. For example, Cycle of Life deals 1% damage for every 20% of Health you have and bonus. In the build, you have few chances to cast common attacks. Restoration Staff is no matter of attributes but a staff.

Ability1: Crystal Fragments. It is the main attack ability to deal magic damage to enemy and knock down seconds.  

Ablility2: Velocious Currse/ Structured Entropy. Velocious Currse is an instant ability which needs the other ability with low magicka cost activates crystal. Velocious Currse can supply high DPS. Structured Entropy is lower DPS, but it restores Health, increases Max Health and adds Bonus to mages guild abilities. If your Sorcerer is a healer, you can use thre Restoration Staff. Please you pay attention to carefully avoid the fire damage if your sorcerer is a vampire.

Ability3: Spell Symmetry. It can transform Health into Magicka and reduce the Magicka cost of your next spell. Thus, you’d better cast the ability when your Health is full. Don’t use it in (full screen) AOE case.

Ability4: Restoring Twilight/ Dark Conversion/ Critical Surge.

    --- Summon Restoring Twilight. It can maximum your DPS and increase Magical regeneration. But it reduces Max Magicka.

    --- Dark Conversion. It can make full use of your Stamina but reduce DPS. When you healsself in the fight against special bosses, you will feel its strength. Please wait for 0.5 second to cast Dark Conversion when your Health is transformed into Magick, or the ability can not restore Health.

    --- Critical Surge. This is a good ability for the Restoration Staff. It can not only increase weapon damage for 20 seconds but also restore Health.

Ability5: Inner Light. It increases 20% magic critical strike. The mages guild abilities adds bonus to Inner Light.

The ultimate abilities: Great Atronach/ Shooting Star/ Suppresion Field

    --- Great Storm Atronach. It is a good ability to reduce Tank’s stress and deal great damage.

    ---Shooting Star. It is the ultimate ability in mages guild, to deal ranger damage to enemy. The passive abilities can add bonus to Shooting Star.

    --- Suppression Field. This is a good control ability to dispel enemies placed effects in area for 9.5 seconds, while silencing enemies and stunning nearby enemies. When a boss casts deadly ability, Suppression Field can interrupt it. If there is fire on the group, the ability can remove the fire damage.

Weapon2: Destruction Straff (AOE, kill)

Ability1: Mage’s Wrath. It is strong killing abiliy.

Ability2: Impulse. I don’t list the advanced ability of Impulse, because the both of the advanced abilities, Elemental Ring and Pulsar, are good. If your teammate chooses Pulsar, you can get Elemental Ring; vice versa.

Ability3: Spell Symmetry. It is necessary to cast Spell Symmetry to restore Magicka.

Ability4: Critical Surge. It can increase damage of Destruction Staff. Critical strikes to restore Health is to add the chances to survive.

Ability5: Inner Light.

The Ultimate ability: Devouring Swarm/ Power Overload
       --- Devouring Swarm. It is the ultimate vampire ability to allow enough Health in AOE attack. When you active the ability, you can gain life for each target hit and ultimate Coins.
       --- Power Overload. IF your Sorcerer is not a vampire, you’d better choose Power Overload to increase range and radius of heavy attacks.


The important passive abilities

Class Passive abilitie

       Daedric Summoning: --- Power Stone. It reduces the cost of Ultimate abilities by 8%.

       Dark  Magic:   ---Bood Magic. It can restore Health.
                                ---Unholy Knowledge. It reduces ability Magicka and Staminacosts by 3%.
       Storm Calling:  ---Cpaacitor. It increases magicka regeneration by 5%.
                                ----Energized. It increase damage of Storm Calling abilities by 3%.
                               ---Disintegrate. It gives all lightning spells a 5% chance to instantly disintegration low Health targets.
                               ---Expert Mage. It reduces the cost of Storm Calling spells by 5%.

Fight Guild passive abilities: You can unlock the passive abilities to increase self damage.
                  ---Slayer. It increases weapon power and spell power when attacking Undead and Daedri enemies.
                  ---Banish The Wicked. It is bestows 3 ultimate when killing an Undead or Daedric enemy.
                  ---Skilled Tracker.

Mages Guild passive abilities: You can choose the passive abilities to add self damage or reduce cost.
                         ---Mage Adept
                         ---Everlasting Magic
                         ---Magicka Controller
Vampire passive abilities: You can get the passive abilities to restore Magicka or reduce damage from enemies.
Weapon passive abilities:  You can choose all of the passive abilities of Destruction Staff. Cycle of Life (Restoration Staff) has a good effect to add output bonus. If you sometimes want to be a healer, you can choose the healing passive abilities.



AOE: right click to block while casting Impulse. Then you cast Devouring Swarm to transfer Health into Magicka. During Devouring Swarm, you can block the mini-monsters’ abilities to knock down.

Sole (not killing): instantly cast Crystal Fragments-> Velocious Curse/ Structured Entropy-> Crystal Fragments-> Spell Symmetry. You'd better keep 50% of Magicka to cope with an emergency. Currently, light attack has BUG. You can cast light attack before each ability.
 Crystal Fragments-> Light Attack-> Velocious Curse/ Structured Entropy-> Light Attack->Crystal Fragments-> Light Attack-> Spell Symmetry.

SOLO (For killing): Mage’s Wrath (to close to using up Magicka) -> Spell Symmetry (to maximum damage. You try your best to reduce the number of casting Spell Symmetry).



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