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ESO Nightblade Bow Solos Different Types of Wild Bosses

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I love solo in any game. In The Elder Scrolls Online, I still choose the solo nightblade bow, which is currently the best class for solo fighting against Boss in ESO.

Specific Requirements:
Rating: No requirement (Level can be lower than that of the target like elite bosses, but the corresponding difficulty will increase with levels).
Team Composition: None (no teammates to support)
Class Requirements: NightBlade - Siphoning - Bow
Skill choices:
1. Strife
2. Scatter Shot
3. Agony
4. Silver Bolts
5. Shadow Cloak

Skills Profile:
Strife: to gain Health Coins (consumes about +200 Magicka)
Scatter Shot: repelling + reduction+ confusion for 5 seconds (consuming about 150 Stamina)
Agony: to stun enemies for 12 seconds and stop its effect while classes are damaged immediately (consuming +300 Magicka).
Silver Bolts: to knocked down monsters like undead demons for four seconds, and has 5% chance to deal +1300 damage (consumes about 150 Stamina)
Shadow Cloak: to sneak for 2.5 seconds. It can avoid the heavy strike from enemies and eliminate Hatred. If Shadow Cloak keeps open for 2.5 seconds, the monster will stay in place without any action (consuming about +300 Magicka)

Specific skill Order:
Type I: Melee BOSS (you pull it out of enemy positions alone)
Shadow Cloak > Scatter Shot > Silver Bolts > general attack skills> Scatter Shot > Scatter Shot>…(Repeat)
Please note you attack enemies again after you use Scatter Shot and they awake. Five-second confusion is to restore your Stamina.
Success rate: 100%
Loss of Health: 0 to 20%
Fault Tolerance means: Shadow Cloak> Agony  Monsters is stun for 12 seconds in place and stop the attack (any damage caused will immediately wake up them

Type II.  Melee Bosses with a Lot of Mini-monsters
To slay such bosses, you need to repeatedly use the Type I to clear the mini-monsters and ensure the safety.
Shadow Cloak> Charge Shot (clear mini-monsters)>Silver Bolts > general attack skills (reset to attack again)>Agony (slay the target boss)> Scatter Shot (repel mini-monsters and automatically stop the attack, waiting to recovery Stamina for five seconds)> waiting to recovery Stamina > Scatter Shot (in the moment when monsters wake)…(Repeat)> disengagement
When there is only the boss, you can use Type I to attack it.
Success rate: 80% (the specific success rate depends on the number of mini-monsters around BOSS)
The loss of Health: 0 to 100% (depending on the number of mini-monsters)

Type III. Remote-attack BOSS (You need to lead it out of enemy position alone)
To fight against the type of boss, melee archer is preponderant.
You can take advantage of rocks or obstructions and pull the boss out of enemy position alone . Then close to it and attack.
Scatter Shot> Waiting to recover Stamina

Such BOSS need to show melee archers technology!
Close quickly after use rocks or obstructions card perspective alone pull BOSS goal: Scatter Shot -> Charge -> Scatter Shot -> Cycle to death >Scatter Shot… (Repeat)
Success rate: 90% (do not give magic boss any chance to wake up; you ensure timely convergence of Scatter Shot, a boss’s hit cause you death)
The loss of Health: 0 to 50% (depending on the skill convergence)

Type IV.  The Remote-attack Boss with Mini-monsters
To defeat the remote-attack boss (not including mini-monsters summed by in the middle of battle), you can use Type III to kill the boss and Type II to clear mini-monsters.
Success rate: 50% (you may use the soul rock to resurrect so that you kill the boss and mini-monsters.
The loss of Health: 0 to 100% (depending on the number of mini-monsters)

Type V.  The Boss for the Melee or Remote Attack
It is quite difficult for players to slay the type boss. According to your ability, you decide whether you fight against it.
The mini-monsters around the boss are killed with Type II and Type III.
Please prepare for a lot of Stamina potion and soul rocks.
Success rate: 30% (to this type of boss, you have to some strategies and luck
The loss of Health: 0 to 100%

Specific example
Place: Auridon
 eso Auridon
The Level 8 elite boss on the lower right corner of the above picture belongs to Type VI. Green equipment for different classes drops from Type VI.
The two bosses at Level 12 are Type I and Type II. The boss on the left can fall green equipment and the right falls a level 12 purple dagger. It is ventured to solo the boss. Please be cautious!



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