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Detail Analysis of Level 50 Healing Templar in ESO

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The Elder Scrolls Online is the high degree of freedom. As players, you can make the same class to play different roles in the game world. Templar can become a DPS class equipped with a sword and a shield or a healer armed with a staff. This build is to analyze how to play lvl 50 decent healing Templar in the game.

As a healer, Templar has a big advantage: a series of healing abilities. Restoring Light allows Templar to have more choices as a healer in battle, which is beneficial to group PVP or PVE.

Restoring Light

Active Abilities

 Rushed Ceremony.  It is a instant healing ability with high consumption and healing capability. The ability can restore Health by 33 in the ranger of 28 meters. Its advanced abilities are Honor the Dead and Breath of Life. The former can restore 36 Health Coins and 15% of spell cost every 2 seconds for seconds for a wound teammate below 50% Health. The latter can heal more than 2 teammates every time.

 Healing Ritual. It has low consumption and high healing capability. The ability can heal three targets in the range of 12 meters as well as self or an additional 30%. Its advanced abilities are Ritual of Rebirth and Lingering Ritual. The former is used to heal self. The latter has additional healing effect for 3 allies after 8 seconds. But Lingering Ritual has small healing ranger and long cast time so that it is interrupted, which makes Templar is easily damage by enemy’s AOE ablilities.

 Restoring Aura. It is instant ability slotted to increase Health and Stamina regeneration by 15%.  Restoring Aura is used to add the Stamina and Health regeneration for allies by additional 80% for 6 seconds. The ability is fit to level up. But it is high consumption in battle. Radiant Aura and Repentance are its advanced abilities. The effect ranger of Radiant Aura is 12 to 18 meters, which is beneficial to group fights. Repentance has no cost consume essence of corpses to restore Stamina and Health for self, which is better for solo play. According to eso characters, players can choose the most suitable.

Cleansing Ritual. It can instantly removes Debuff and DOT from self in battle. As a healing ability, Cleansing Ritual can heal nearby allies every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. In terms of the plug-in Foundry Tactical Combat, it deals a little healing self. It has two advanced abilities, Purifying Ritual and Extended Ritual. With low Magaicka consumption, the former can instantly remove two Debuff and DOT for self. The latter has the 4-second duration. Lower consumption or longer duration? It’s up to you. For me, I choose the Purifying Ritual. Lower consumption means more Magicka.

Rune Focus. This instant ability has effect on itself. Run Focus creates an area of self protection for 12 seconds. It is a strong defense ability to add armor and spell resistance up to the maximum (and even overflow). But it just affects itself. Its advanced abilities are Channeled Focus and Restoring Focus. Channeled Focus is to restore self Magicka (level 50: restore 4 Magicka Coins per 0.5 second). Restoring Focus is for self healing.

Rite of Passage. The ultimate ability has to cost 150 ultimate Coins. It heals allies every 0.5 second for 4 second. You can not move while channeling it. The upgraded abilities of Rite of Passage are Remembrance and Practiced Incantation. The former reduces allies’ damage from enemy by 17%. The latter increase channel duration. As a healing Templar, you are cautious about using the ultimate ability because of "Out of Taunt". If you can assure it isn’t interrupted in battle, you can cast the ability with Rune Focus, Remembrance and Light Weaver, to get high immune damage for nearby allies.

Passive Abilities

 Mending. it improves critical strike chance for ally.

Focused Healing. In the effect ranger of Rite of Passage, Cleansing Ritual or Rune focus, you can cast the ability to increase healing power by 30%. Its advanced ability can restore Magicka.

 Light Weaver . It incrase duration of Restoring Aura by 10% and reduce Magicka consumption of Healing Ritual by 20%.

Master Ritualist. It adds 20% of resurrection speed. It is affected allies resurrect with 50% more Health and has 50% chance to gain a soul gem upon successful resurrect.


Dawn's Wrath

I unlock some abilities in the line of Dawn's Wrath. Because of the limited slots of the ability bar, I choose Sun fire and Solar Flare to upgrade as well as some passive abilities.

Sun Fire. It deals fire damage and DOT (damage over time) over 4.5 seconds in the 28 meters ranger. The ability can snare 40% for 4.5 seconds. Its advanced abilities are Vampire’s Bane and Reflective Light. The former increase DOT and the latter can affect multiple targets reduce speed of enemy.

Solar Flare. It has 1.5-second cast time and the 28-meter ranger. As a solo, this ability deals magic damage to target. With Sun Fire, Solar Flare can cause high damage. Dark Flare and Solar Barrage is the upgraded abilities. Dark Flare deal higher damage than Solar Flare and affects enemies receive less healing, but it is a solo ability  with 1.5-second cast time and . Solar Barrage is the instant AOE ability to damage nearby enemies. Low damage and high cost is the disadvantage of the advanced ability.

Passive Abilities

Enduring Rays. It increases the duration of abilities by 20%(2/2).

 Prism. It bestows one additional ultimate upon activation and make any ultimate skill add Bonus.

 Restoring Spirit. It can reduce 4% of the cost of Stamina and Magicka and ultimate Coins.

Armor Abilities
As a healer, my Templar is equipped with light armor.

 Evocation(3/3). It reduces the Magicka cost of spell by 3%.

Recovery(2/2). It can increase Magicka regeneration by 4%.
 Spell Warding(2/2.

Prodigy(2/2). When your Templar is armed with five or more items, Prodigy can add 10% critical strike for spell.

Concentration (2/2). As ESO players, your spell can ignore 6% of enemy spell resistance per piece of light armor equipped. Matched with talents of Breton race, my Templar can have about 1800 spell resistance.

Weapon Abilities
For me, my level 50 healing Templar uses a bow and a restoration staff as her attacking weapons. And I will introduce some of weapon abilities.

Bow Abilities

Poison Arrow. It is a excellent bow ability to cause instant damage and +Dot damage in the ranger of 28 meters. You note that Poison Arrow can output poison damage and normal arrow damage. When you cast the ability in sneaking, it may cause double critical strike (critical strike of Poison and normal arrow damage), which is great damage for enemies. Its advanced abilities are Venom Arrow and Poison Injection. Venom Arrow can interrupt spells and stun enemy for 3 seconds; Poison Injection causes higher DOT damage for low Health enemies. For I choose Poison Injection to match with Scatter Shot.

Scatter Shot. It mainly deals physical damage to enemies, knock them back 6 meters and disorients them for 5 seconds in the melee. Its upgraded abilities are Magnum Shot and Draining Shot. The former has the new effects to deal increased damage and knock self back 6 meters. The latter snares enemy when disorient ends, to reduce enemies’ speed. I unlock the former because I choose Sun Fire.

Snipe. It has 40-meter ranger and deal high physical damage to enemy when you sneak to attack enemies. But the ability needs 3-second cast time and 60 Stamina. The advanced abilities of Snipe are Lethal Arrow and Focused Aim. Lethal Arrow deals poison damage, applies the poison status effect and reduces enemy’s healing take by 47% for 10 seconds. Focused Aim increases weapon power of remote attack against enemies and mark the target to be hit by remote attacks from an additional 5 meters away. I unlocked Snipe out of curiosity then chosen Lethal Arrow. In fact, Snipe is not very helpful to improve speed.

Passive Ability
 Long Shot. It adds damage by 12%(2/2), Accuracy by 5% (2/2) and weapon critical strike. 

 Hawkeye. When Templar faces vulnerable targets, the ability can increase bow damage. (As to “vulnerable targets”, some think they are low Health and some consider they are the enemies who are affected by Debuff. For me, I support the latter.)

 Hasty Retrat. It adds 15% of movement speed for 2 seconds after activating Roll Dodge. Hasty Retrat is used to AOE ability in fights.

Restoration Staff Ability

There are quite useful abilities for restoration staff to heal. 

Grand Healing. It heals all allies in target area every 1 second for 3 seconds. Healing Springs and Illustration Healing are the advanced abilities of Grand Healing. Healing Springs increases duration and Illustration Healing can restore Magicka for each ally in the area.
Restoration Master. That is Restoration Master to increase healing effects by 5%.


After analyzing my level 50 healing Templar, I will share some ideas about my level 50 healing Templar leveling up and strategies in the next news.



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