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The Elder Scrolls Online Banished Cells Guide

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I play DPS Templar equipped with Heavy and Light armors. As a melee class, I mainly use Control and Assistance to drain Stamina in the process of challenging ESO Banished Cells.

There are five bosses in the dungeon. I will introduce how to defeat them.

Boss1. Cell Haunter
The first boss is Cell Haunter in the Banished Cell. The mini-two boss has some mini-monsters. The first thing is to kill those adds and then slay the boss.

Boss2. Shadowrend
The second boss, Shadowrend, has three skills:

Tail Swipe—it is an AoE damage ability to affect a 3360-degree area around the boss. The melee classes ought to be carefully to avoid the skill.
Charge Devour—it is charges at random players with high damage. But players can interrupt it.
Shadow Clone—it can summons a small shadowy clone of the boss with low Health. Players can focus to attack the clone.

Boss3. Angata the Clannfear Handler
Angata the Clannfear Handler outputs fire damage. The Vampire is careful. The big difficulty to defeat the boss is that too many mini-monsters are around it. Players can kill those mini-monsters and then slay boss.

Boss4. Skeletal Destroyer
Skeletal Destroyer has a deadly skill that stomps and lays a big red-black circle on the ground. I remember that my Templar is dead the moment he was hit by the skill. Thus, when the boss will cast the skill, players should jump out the red circle.

Boss5. High Kinlord Rilis
The final High Kinlord Rilis is the strongest boss.

In the fight against the boss, Tank draws the boss’s. If the boss summons lots of orbs, the overall group ought to kill all healing orbs. Tank can draw the hatred; DPS classes cast the Control and Healer focus to help teammates restore Health. Once a teammate is thrown into the sky, the boss will cast fire AOE skill in 5 second. At that time, all groups press “SHIFT” and run to avoid.



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