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Detail Guide to ESO Blackheart Haven Dungeon

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The Blackheart Haven is a Dungeon at level 40 in The Elder Scrolls Online. There are three bosses for you to fight in the dungeon. This guide will analyze those bosses and how to defeat them.

Go to the northeast region Bangkarai and find the Blackheart Haven. Then you need accept the quest “Jumping Ship”.

Detail Guide to ESO Blackheart Haven Dungeon
The Blackheart Haven requires a four-person group to challenge. As we all know, a four person group includes a Tank, a Healer and two DPS classes. What’s more, it is better that the Healer has enough Health.


There is a basket on the left of NPC character. There is camouflage clothing in the basket. You can Press “E” to pick up. Then open your package and find the clothing. After you put it on, most of mini-monsters don’t actively attack you except from Hound. If they see you, Hounds can attack you quickly. Once they find you or you attack them, the camouflage clothing will disappear forever. Having slaying Hounds, walk upwards and go through the drawbridge. You will see some mini-bosses. It is quite simple to kill them.


Boss 1.  Atarus

It is hard to defeat the boss. At first, know about the skills of the boss:

Boss’s Skills:
1. When the boss bows its head and one hand touches its forehead, all groups right click to block.
2. The boss is ready to cast a full-screen AOE skill, which causes great damage without the limitation of attack range. The known interrupt way is to right click and then left click. If you want to receive the hit of the AOE skill, you lose 1000 Health at least. What’s worse, you are possible to be killed. The AOE skill is available every 10-20 seconds.
3. When the boss lifts its weapon and its weapon lights (charge and prepare to attack), the Tank can evade or block. Once you are hit, you will lose half Health and even be dead.
4. The Boss will release another AOE skill with red circle to attack nearby targets, but its damage is not very high.

The Tank rushes and draws the boss’s fire at the beginning. The DPS classes focus to slay mini-monsters. Once the boss bows its head, all members stop attacking and block. The full-screen AOE skill is deadly for the whole group; you and your member must pay more attention to it.


BOSS 2.  Roost Mother

Boss’s Skills:
1. Roost Mother mainly uses fire damage. The boss will cast a flame with high damage. However, it is easy for you to evade. The vampire in your group ought to be careful to the skill.
2. The boss is able to cast a multiple AOE skill, spitting fire toward the sky. It is easy to evade.

For the spitfire AOE, you can run randomly to confuse the boss. In all, it is not very difficult to defeat Roost Mother.


Boss3. Captain Blackheart

Captain Blackheart is the final boss in the Blackheart Haven.

Boss’s skills:
1. In the first 10~15 seconds of the fight, the boss will change a random player into a skeleton who will lose all skills and remote attack except that the skeleton just uses common attacks in 20 seconds.
2. Summon skeletons. There are two types of skeletons: one is the melee attack skeletons with 400 Health use Charge; the other is the remote attack skeletons is about 900 Health. Those skeletons will rush to attack you like a steady stream. Although the damage from skeletons is the same damage as the boss, you are hit and lose some Health. (The skeleton player can attack the remote skeletons summoned by the boss.)

At the start, the tank should rush to draw hatred as fast as possible. One DPS class slays skeletons and the other DPS helps the Tank to attack the boss. For your group, there is a member to attack skeletons to ensure not too many skeletons in the battle.

If the Healer is changed into skeleton, one of DPS classes plays the healing role.

If the tank is changed into a skeleton, she or he still attacks the boss and the Healer ought to restore the Health of the tank. If Healer’s pressure is too large to recover the Health of Tank in time, one of DPS classes can help restore.

If one of DPS classes is changed into a skeleton, the skeleton DPS attacks the remote skeletons and the other DPS kills the melee skeletons.



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