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The Elder Scrolls Online Arx Corinium Guide

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Arx Corinium is the dungeon located in the Ebonheart Pact in The Elder Scrolls Online. Players are required in the level range of level 28 and level 32. There are six bosses in the dungeon to defeat.

Go to the eastern / southeastern part of Shadowfen on the map and find the location of the dungeon. You and your teammates enter the dungeon and accept the quest. Then start your exploration.

Boss1. Fanged Menace

The Elder Scrolls Online Arx Corinium Guide

After wiping out a group of snakes and Lamia, you encounter the first boss, Fanged Manace. Actually, Fanged Menace is a mini-boss like a snake and it is not difficult to kill the boss.

The Skills:

AOE--The boss has some AOE skills with heavy damage. You and your members ought to evade them as quickly as possible.
Frontal Cone-- This is its attack skill to knock back any target and cause great damage.
Poison Cloud-- The boss casts poison cloud for players to cause poison damage, which reduces Health by 50%. You werewolf teammate carefully avoids the poison damage.


First, Tank draws the boss’s fire and attacks it with Heavy Attack nearby. If there are mini-monsters, the DPS classes slay them as fast as possible. One the hand, Healer should cure the teammates with low Health; on the other hand, he evades the attack of the boss, because the damage from the boss is too heavy for Healer.

Boss2.  Ganakton the Tempest

The Elder Scrolls Online Arx Corinium Guide

Ganakton the Tempest is the second lizard boss with much Health.

The Skills:

Frontal Cone—As an AOE skill, the boss can frequently cast the skill to cause a high amount of damage for your team. But it is easy to evade.
Lightning Attack—Ganakton often releases the skill to attack nearby targets. Thus, Tank, as the melee class, ought to timely jump out of the attack ranger when the boss cast Lightning Attack.
Electrical Tail—Its tail can send lightning nearby targets to deal much shock damage and stun them.


Ganakton the Tempest is very slow moving. For the melee classes in your team, they’d better fast attack and quickly evade in the battle. You pay more attention to its tail. As to Healer, he can keep a proper distance to attack.

Boss3.  Sliklenia the Songstress

The Elder Scrolls Online Arx Corinium Guide

Before you fight against the third boss, your team clears away a group of mini-monsters as quickly as possible. The boss has a pet.

The Skills:

Sliklenia’s Song—The main attack skill.  Sliklenia can sing to create acoustic wave with heavy damage.
Songstress’ Pet—In fact, its damage is not much. But it can cast the sonic shield which is useful for your groups.


Sliklenia is able to output great melee damage. Therefore, Tank can block.  Sliklenia’s Song deals tons of damage for the whole team. But there is a good way to avoid the damage of acoustic wave. When the boss walk away, it is ready to sing. At that time, Songstress’ Pet can releases a sonic shield which can protect it from the damage of the acoustic wave. You and your groups should retreat to the shield to avoid the song damage and remotely attack the boss.

Boss4. Matron Ixniaa

Matron Ixniaa is also a mini-boss in the dungeon. The first thing is to wipe out all of mini-monsters around the boss. Just as you fight against boss1, it is easy to defeat Matron Ixniaa.

Boss5.  Ancient Lurcher

Like Fanged Menace, Ancient Lurcher is followed by some mini-monster. You and your groups should slay the mini-monsters at first.

The Skills:

 Green Beam—The boss can cast a green beam to attack random player with dealing great poison damage.
Red Circle Beneath—Any of your groups can be hit when the boss releases a red circle beneath.
Lightning AOE Skill—when its Health lowers than 50%, Ancient Lurcher is capable of casting its light AOE skill to attack all players in the melee range.


It is easy for you to evade the Red Circle Beneath. As long as your groups have correct position, the fight is not difficult.

The Final Boss. Sellistrix the Lamia Queen

The final boss is Sellistrix the Lamia Queen in the Arx Corinium. Fighting against the boss is quite interesting but a little difficult.

The Skills:

Frontal AOE Cone—The skill causes a great deal of damage. But it is easy to evade for you.
Lightning Attack—As the main skill, it can deal lightning damage for a random target. When the boss cast the skill with a red circle, you and your teammates ought to jump out the water and stand on the islands.


Tank has to draw the boss all fire and DPS outputs damage.
After the boss finishes Lightning Attack and still stay in the water, don’t step in the water because the water will be electrified to damage you.

There is a video from to show you how to defeat the final boss:




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