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ESO Vampire and Werewolf Analysis, Detail Methods of Infection and Treatment

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The ESO Vampire Introduction

The Elder Scrolls Online Vampires are given strong skills and the capability of regenerate Magicka and Stamina. Although some night skills are greatly enhanced, the capability of restoring Maigicka and Stamina are weakened. What's worse, vampires will get 50% extra fire damage. Both of active skills and passive skills include a shield wall.

Powerful vampires have some interesting limitations. Each vampire needs to keep feasting on human blood to remain Health. Without blood for a long time, the damage of the vampire's active skills will lower. As we can seen on TV, the lack of blood makes vampire’s skin be pale (low Health regeneration), result in vampires have more aspirations for blood (the active skills consumption reduces).
Vampire is divided into four phases:

Phase I: To keep 30 minutes; fire damage increased by 50%.
Phase II: To keep 60 minutes; the Health regeneration capacity reduced by 25%; vampire’s consumption of active skills reduced by 20% and fire damage increased by 50%.
Phase III: To keep 90 minutes, the Health regeneration capacity reduced by 50%; the consumption of active skills reduced by 40% and fire damage increased by 50%.
Phase IV: No timer; the Health regeneration capacity reduced by 75%; vampire’s consumption of active skills reduced by 60% and fire damage increased by 50%.

If you want your vampire improve its phase or keep in Phase I, you have to act a special thing: Feed. It is easy to feed. And you sneak behind an opponent player without being found; then press “X” (Default) to feed. You will see the animation that other’s blood flows into your vampire’s mouth, which means to succeed in feeding. It is worth mentioning that vampires have the feeding passive skills.

It is easy for vampire to damage, which allows vampires (and Werewolf) get 50% of the initial damage instead of the upgraded damage after calculated resistance. Besides, the eso characters in the game can reach the soft limit of resistance. There are rings in the late of the game to supply 1300 a single resistance Coins, translated into 33% resistance and reaches the soft limit. Resistance racial provided and ring resistance can be not overlaid in the game.
The opponent players are not infected vampire’s skills.
eso vampire

The ESO Werewolf Introduction

The strength of ESO werewolf is reflected in Stamina, armor, light and heavy attacks and mobility. Werewolves will attack the enemy with its sharp claws. Light and heavy attack is related to Stamina rather than weapons. Right click is the effect “Hold Body”: to reduce damage 50% when hurt. A werewolf with much Stamina seems the very terrible “glass cannon” and he can cause high damage instantaneously. However, he has not too many defensive active skills to cope with various situations proactively. He enables defeat any enemy except the remote attack class in 1v1.
eso werewolf 
There is some special punishment for werewolves.

First, lycanthropy will occupy your ultimate skill position. If you want to transform, you are not able to use another ultimate skill. Second, you will only be allowed to use two active skills: Jumping and Roaring. (They will be introduced later). Third, the werewolf will has an additional 50% poison damage.

Detail Infection and Treatment Methods

So far, the Official still keeps werewolves and vampires infection methods secret. From others t the news, it is said that is there are werewolves and vampires to appear in the random places of the fifth full map in every camp at midnight moon or in the half-moon time. If your characters are attacked by monsters, they will infected and have a 30-minute Debuff. Then you will accept a quest with two options: One is that you can go back to the main city to accept treatment; the other is to become a werewolf or vampire. You can reach a specific church to treat and turn back human at any time but it needs to cost some gold.  Having turn back human, your character is still infected.

If you have werewolf or vampire allies, you can please them make you be one of them.

Werewolves and vampires have such a passive skill:  the werewolf or vampire players can take a companion to a ceremony place (the specific location is still unknown) to turn a werewolf or vampire every seven days. The companion will directly acquire skills lines.



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