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The ESO AD Dungeon Spindleclutch Guide for Newbies

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Recently, there are various Bug in the initial eso dungeons; especially in the Spindleclutch dungeon (abbreviated SC), there is someone who cannot activate the first quest, Clear the First Cave, after killing a boss. Here is a solution as follows:

Step1. Abandon the quest Deadly Whispers. Please look at the picture:
To abandon deadlty whispers in eso
Step2. Enter the dungeon and re-accept the quest.
Step3. Invite other players to make a team.

The three steps can solve the Bug problem.
Next up, I talk about what we have to pay attention to when we face different bosses in the dungeon.
Boss1. Spoindlekin
eso Spoindlein

To defeat the boss is the first quest. It just has one skill to spin toward an area. We, as a team, easily and fast slay it. For weak class, it is careful to fight.

After finishing the first quest, we accept the next quest and face the second boss that is far stronger than Boss1.

eso boss2

The boss has following skills:
Skill 1. Summon Spiders
The boss can continually summon some spiders. The DPS classes ought to wipe out those mini-monsters first so as to reduce the stress of Tank.
At the beginning, the boss just summons three spiders, six in the late.

Skill 2. Jump to attack
The boss is able to jump to attack the class with high hatred alternately, which causes 200~300 damage for the light-armor class. If your character equipped light armor has half Health, a hit will kill you quickly. The solution is to keep full Health. Generally speaking, it is possible that Sorcerer is easily attacked by the boss.

Having defeated the boss, there are five defecting soldiers to appear, who have heavy damage. We keep our positions and never scatter.

eso boss2 skills

Then we open the door to the next area and encounter so many defecting soldiers that we cast AOE to clear up. There are some veteran monsters in lots of enemies. It is OK to keep the correct positions as a team.

The Final Boss: Corrupted Infantry
eso corrupted infantry

The following Coins should be noted in the process of fight against the boss.

1. The first thing is to wipe out mini-monsters. The hatred of mini-monsters isn’t connected with the boss. Therefore, the melee class doesn’t draw the mini-monsters, or it is alert the Corrupted Infantry.

2. Notice the boss’s skill to pull targets toward it. Once it pulls targets near it, Corrupted Infantry will cast an AOE skill to deal a wide range of heavy damage, over 300.

eso boss aoe skill

Roll backward immediately before the boss casts the AOE skill. After killing the final boss, come to the the exit of the dungeon and talk to the NPC character. I remember that I forgot to talk with the NPC and clicked the door out; then the dungeon quest is not completed and I just find a team to explore again.

I successful finish the dungeon Spindleclutch and gain a skill Coin and blue items as rewards. By the way, there are many a surprise in boxes and bookshelves. Don’t miss them.



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