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Who Is the Best Archer in The Elder Scrolls Online, Nightblade and Templar?

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The post mainly is the analysis to an archer class. If you want to build an archer, you can choose one between Nightblade and Templar. According to my gameplay in the Elder Scrolls online, I’ve farmed my archer Nightblade instead of Templar in the initial and meddle phase in the game in The Elder Scrolls online.

I.  The Bow Orientation
The default weapon is the bow. As remote attack class, my aim is to give up Stealth and become a free archer. I mainly output poison damage and physical damage. The bow is a protracted kind of weapon to stress steady and slow damage but no explosion damage. The most important is survival in battle. Thus, strong skills to add survivals are significant when you are attacked by monsters, which is beneficial to solo play as well as team work. After level 15, the secondary weapons are the two-hand, the shield-and sword and the dual. At the beginning, the secondary weapons is applies in the emergency to increase survival chances. Because of the limit of skill Coins, it is impossible to be good at the secondary weapons in the short time.

II. The Bow Skills
Personally, I like all bow skills. According to different enemies, I like to cast bow skills with fan-shaped attack range to attack a group of monsters, or I like tease a boss and circled around pillars (but it is very tired). Not only AOE skills but also solo skills are necessarily powerful enough for an archer. (the faster PEW are, the better it is)

III. Class Choice
     As to Nightblade and Templar, who is best archer in the game?  There is analysis to the two classes.

1. Nightblade
 For fans for archers, there is no doubt that Siphoning is the main one in three Nightblade’s skill lines. Three skills in Siphoning have the effect to attack within 28 metres.  The first skill is Strife  and it causes damage and regenerate Health, which is the necessary sill in remote attack. I cast the skill to slay some bosses alone. One of its advanced states I’ll select is Swallow Soul; the other is Funnel Healt to heal allies (it is useless for solo play and four-member team.)

The second skill is Agony  to stun monsters for 12 seconds in the ranger of 28 m. It is used in fight against multiple monsters to control one. Its advanced state is Prolonged Suffering, which reduces 30 Magicka Coins of the target in the 7 seconds when it wakes. In general, monsters are often killed in less than 7 seconds. Therefore, I recommend the other advanced state, Malefic Wreath to instantly damage monsters as long as monsters wake.

The third skill is Cripple  to siphon movement speed from enemy. It is good requisite skill in remote attack. I suggest that you cast Cripple+ Strife and quickly turn to run away in battle. The advanced skills: one is Debilitate to hit enemies and immobilize then for 1.5 seconds and the other is Crippling Grasp. For an Archer, the time and ranger to remotely attack are important. Thus, I advise the latter is better.

The fourth is Siphoning Strikes . So far, I never try the skill. Because of the limit of skill bar, I regard the skill as a switching skill. When Magicka and Stamina is not enough but enemies have closed to my character. I cast the skills to survive. The advanced states of Siphoning Strikes are multiple. I like Leeching Strike.

The fifth is Drain Power  .  It is unlocked at level 42. The skill can deal magic damage to nearby enemies and add weapon damage by 6% for each enemy damaged, for 17 seconds. What a good melee skill!

The ultimate skill is Soul Shred  with the melee damage. It can stun enemy for 3 seconds to save enough time to run away. The advanced skills are to add damage to nearby enemy and to heal allies. I suggest to the former.

The other skill lines of Nightblade are Assassination and Shadow. Assassination is apt to the melee; the first skill in Shadow, Shadow Cloak, is compulsory for Nightblade, which is useful in PVP and PVE. The second Veiled Strike is less useful. The third Path of Darkness is to escape.

I will emphasize the ultimate Assassination Consuming Darkness . Its effect to reduce speed is awesome for an archer. For me, I first unlock the skill as the DefaultIcon in the skill bar. Its advanced state is to add damage which is my favorite. I have no chance to try the skill. But I hope it can be cast in zero distance.


2. Templar
Templar has three skill lines, including Aedric Spear, Dawn’s Wrath and Restoring Light. For an Archer, Restoring Light  to purely heal is excluded first. Dawn’s Wrath mainly causes magic damage with less control skills, which is suitable to archers. It is Aedric Spear that is good choice to use a bow. Someone say that Aedric Spear is good for archers. It can be great matched with Sun Fire .  Compared with Nightblade, I think the obvious weakness of Templar with a bow is the lack of AOE skills.
It is correct idea. However, compared with Nightblade, Templar has obvious weakness as an archer. In one hand, the class lacks of the control skills. Aedric Spear just is used to attack solo enemy; the ultimate skill in Dawn’s Wrath reduces speed by 50% and keeps for 8 seconds. Nightblade’s ultimate Assassination skill can reduce speed by 70% and keeps for 12 seconds. On the other hand, To unlocked shield require Aedric Spear at level 42. It is difficult for Templar in the initial phase. In addition, Aedric Spear is apt to the melee battle.

Here, it is occurred to me that I overthrow my previous idea about the switching weapons. I want to take one more bow. Then there are two methods in dungeons or PVP: one is remote attack to survive and the other is to output high damage. Different methods have corresponding skills.

For me, I think of Nightblade as the best archer. If you disagree with it, please leave your ideas.



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