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Solo Entering ESO PVP Battlefield Suggestions

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First and foremost, In order to experience PVP in ESO battlefield, for eso players, the higher the levels of your character and equipment are, the better your class is. Meanwhile, the equipment ought to fit the PVP environment.

Although you can enter battlefield when at level 10, there are many skills for your character to choose. If you are not familiar with your class and the secondary weapon is unlocked, you just fight with teammates. But once you participate in the big war, you are easily killed. It is bad experience. Thus, you can go to explore Tamriel and complete quests. As your character is stronger, you can start your battlefield of crusade.

For PVP, survival is the most important. If you are a high class player, it is no problem that you don’t add lots of Stamina Coins to improve output damage and equipment. For a common player, what will you use to make up for the defects of low survival chances without skillful performer and high experience?

Don’t enter the battlefield with attribute Coins and skill Coins.

Secondly, please join a team. You can pay more attention to teams, chat and regional channels. It is better to join the team voice channels.
Teamwork can increase more chances to survive in battlefield. Take the quest to kill 20 enemies for example. If you choose solo, you spend much time and energy in killing five and six. But as a team, you complete quest with your teammates in short time. It is fool that you just follow your team without any contribution. There is all battle information in the channels. You have to notice it. As your allies see early warning to retreat, you should do that like them. If you went forth, you would be killed quickly.

Thirdly, more positional warfare and less guerrilla warfare. Positional warfare requires lots of players and the advance is slow. You can easily keep up with the rhythm of the whole team. Even if your character is unlucky dead, there is other member to make your character resurgence. What’s more, there are tents for you in the large-scale positional warfare. On the contrary, the whole team keeps advanced quickly in guerrilla warfare. If you fall behind to be caught, no one can save you.

Finally, there are some important skills for common players. You can cautiously consider whether they should be put in you skill bar.
If you just a common player, you have the awareness that you have to handle everything on your own. Therefore, take a healing skill with you to add speed of Health regeneration, such as Magicka Aid, Combat Medic and so on. Everything is solved by yourself in the combat, because no one can help you in the battlefield. Healing skill can restore Health for your character in time.

It is good choice to choose a skill of immunity to be controlled from heavy armor skills and support skills in alliance war. In battlefield, you usually see your Health to use up and then die. It is irritating to be controlled by enemies. Even if the end is death, it is better to reduce some Health of enemies. Once you enter the attack ranger of enemies and find they is to attack you, don’t turn and run away; turning makes your back toward enemies, which benefit enemies’ attack. Hence, you can take a reflective skill for your character apart from the immunity skill to be controlled. With the both skill, your enemies don’t catch up with and kill your class. It is perfect for you to bring a movement skill or Rapid Maneuver.

In addition, you can think about Siege Shield to create a shield bubble that bestows 20% protection vs. ranged attacks and siege weapons and lasts for 17 seconds. In all, remember you can handle everything on yours own. The above is my battlefield experience in The Elder Scrolls Online and hope it is helpful for you in battle.




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