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Guide to Primary The Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer

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I've participated in the ESO beta, but I didn’t play the Sorcerer class. The game is going to be officially launched and some ESO friends suggest that I experience Sorcerer. Then I create a High Elf Sorcerer to. Before entering the game, I think about these questions:

1. Which do I choose for the healing or the DPS?
2. How can I arm my character with equipment?
3. How to cast my poorly little Magicka?

Based on my conclusion and the friends’ advices, I chose the DPS finally. Now I’ve reached Level 10. And it is easy for my Sorcerer to complete all kinds of quests. I share my collocation with you here.

The skill and equipment collocation in the initial phase is simple but not optional. My collocation is There is a heavy armor, a light armor and a medium armor for my Sorcerer at least, which can assure that all armor skills are upgraded synchronously.
Skill 1: Crystal Shard
eso crystal shard

Matched with Knock Down, it is the necessary as an initial skill.

Skill 2: Mages’ Fury

When enemies’ Health lows than 20%, casting the skill can cause great damage.
Skill 3: Unstable Familiar
eso Unstable Familiar

It’s regarded as a quite useful body shield.
Ultimate Skill: Summon Storm Atronach
ESO Summon Sotrm Atronach

It is another advanced body shield with heavy damage.

You can choose the above skills in the initial phase. It is unnecessary to select too many skills.
eso R skill

The next is a passive skill, Tri Focus
eso Tri Focus

I strongly recommended the passive skill. With a ice staff, my Sorcerer casts the skill to reduce enemies’ attack speed. Tri Focus is the essential skill to remotely attack.

The strategies are as follows:
Face a monster, the first skill is Crystal Shard.
Crystal Shard> Knock Down> Heavy Attack to Reduce Speed> Crystal Shard> Knock Down> Heavy Strike to Reduce Speed> Mages’ Fury

In the fight against a group of monsters, Sorcerer attack weaker spell monsters and archer monsters first.

There is no need to cast all of six skills above. You read other players’ builds as reference or ever copy theirs’. Others’ builds may be perfect, but it is not suit your character. According to the features of your Sorcerer, choose the proper skills for your character in the initial phase. After all, there are finite skill Coins for every class in The Elder Scrolls Online.



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