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Detail Analysis to Level 50 The Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer (II)

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--Sorcerer's Upgrade Experience from Level 1 to 50

The Sorcerer Class Introduction:

Sorcerer is quite suitable for solo play. Upgrading from level 1 to level 50, I have to complete 99% of quests and zone exploration, 1% through bug. In the whole upgrading, if I encounter difficulties, I need change some spell skills and wait until the next day to enable to conquer.

In the late stage, skill Coins are enough and skills become more and more. When I just reach level 50, that I’m not familiar with some important skills affects my fighting capability. In fact, all of skills of the different types of Sorcerers with a staff cost Magicka in the initial stage; characters not to make full use of the Magicka and Stamina restoration. So Sorcerer is a little weak at the beginning stage. With helps from teammates, it is easy to go through the initial stage. Having chosen a few necessary skills and the gift to reduce and restore Magicka at level 20, there is a set of new spell skills for choice. As a Sorcerer, you can think of Sliver Bolts as the Stamina output. Though the way makes you tired, you will find that you character is proficient in all skill what you get in the late.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Once Dark Exchange is available, I become the really strong sorcerer. Some medium-term skills are unlocked. And my Sorcerer starts a bright future. At that time, I feel everything is under control. Whatever strong enemies, I can defeat them by my own. When Sorcerer casts either Rune Prison or a set of AOE skill, all skills ought to be tried. For players, there are different skills collocations while 12 skill can be taken to enter battlefield.

I stress it again that Persuasive Will and intimidating Presence are pretty significant which save you time and TESO Gold.

I add that the experience to gain in the course of exploring the map and completing quests can improve the proficiency of weapons and skills but not to boost the secondary weapons. Therefore, you can set a column of weapon skills as the main and other skills as what you want to upgrade. When you explore the map and complete quest, you can level them up.

Quest Route: Entering a map, the entrance of the map is the position at the lowest level and the exit (it is the entrance to another map) is the position at the highest level. Two positions on the map are associated with a line.  You can complete quests in the reasonable vertical direction, which doest not make you challenge high level quests or accept green or gray quests without any difficulty and experience.

Sorcerer’s output operation:

You’ve used crystals: when your character waves two hands, you pressing keys is no effect. This is hard spell action. However, when your character raises and puts down hands, your Flat Shot can stop the waving staff action of the character. At the beginning of using crystals, you can cast Flat Shot at the same time.

For example, the first skill is Heavy strike to attack mini-monsters. In the fight against a boss, the first attack skills are: Light Strike + crystal skills like Instant Crystal+ Light Attack (fast casting the skill after casting crystal skills) + Lightning Shock + Light Attack. Twice Light attack with low Magicka consumption is to save the time for CD and improve DPS. Crystal damage is about 450, Lightning Shock 200and Light Attack 120. Without twice Light attack, the damage is reduced by 20%.

Of course, you can cast Heavy Attack with two fire balls instead of Light Attack with a fire ball. The damage of the charging attack of Heavy Attack is based on the charging time. The two-second charging time can causes +250 damage. The less charging time may output damage by 150. After my many attempts, I found that twice Light Attack causes the maximum damage.

Movement: For remote attack Sorcerer, movement is particular. The moving backward speed reduces but the speed of running forward and lateral movement is constant. Hence, If you want remotely attack or evade AOE skills from enemy, the lateral movement is a good choice.

Jump: ESO skills are directional. You need to aim to the target when you cast certain skills. Thus, Jump to cast is the well-know but a little complex skill. In addition, you have to pay attention to jump speed will reduce at the second to using crystals in the remote attack. If monsters close to you and prepares to hit, you’d better to cast block, which will cancel skill you want to cast but make you evade monsters’ heavy strike, because some skill of monsters has the effect to stun or hit back as well as bosses’.

Sorcerer’s Crafting Skills:

Three types of crafting skills, Tailoring, Blacksmithing, woodworking, can be started to farm at full level, if you want to effectively upgrade. Because crafting skills occupy your bag space, you have to go back cities frequently. The higher the level of equipment to decompose, the more experience you gain. If you don’t care about the upgrade speed and wear cool equipment to run around, you can farm crafting skills slowly.

The skills of Alchemy, Enchanting and cooking are these consumables skills. Although their effects are very large, they occupy too much space of the bag. It is impossible that you choose all of them to upgrade. In terms of me, you can give up those skills and turn to the guild if you are practical person with the pursuit high efficiency or want to save time and skill Coins. You have enough time and enable choose some to level up.

Note: The greatest difficulty of crafting classes is to research attributes. You can choose two or three equipment skills “to shorten research time and increase the plural parts for simultaneous study”.




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