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The Guide to Various Skills for Level 50 ESO Sorcerer

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I'd like to explain the traditional cloth Sorcerer with a staff rather than evaluate some special builds. Thus, I pick up these skills to introduce. I will analyze the skills in the initial, middle and later stage. Because they almost appear at the same time, you, as a player, consider what you choose for your character.

The Initial Skills:

Crystal Shard: Sorcerer’s core skill. It is unnecessary to worry about the skill proficiency from beginning to end. As a player, however, I use it as less as possible and remain chances for other skills.
Players who play Sorcerer character and have cast it feel that the skill is high efficiency and high consumption. If it is used by crystals, it is nice to cast. In fact, I’ve always regarded it as the first skill or the trigger skill. Its advanced state is the instantaneously reducing consumption with higher DPS and DPM, which is the core attack ability for sorcerer.
Lvl 50 light attack: 140; heavy attack 250 per 1.5 seconds; crystal +450 per 1.5 seconds. Once it is triggered, it will cause the highest damage for enemies. Therefore, It can be place the skill bar to add DPS ever if Sorcerer is a healer.

Encase: A great AOE skill. It will consume lots of Magicka in PVP. The skill is not very good, because it is easily relieved by enemies. For its advanced state, I choose Reduce Speed, which allows me to immobilize enemies for over ten seconds under Buff. It is just within ten seconds that my character is in Dark Mage effect time and has 50% AOE critical strike. This is, I have enough time to slay 7 or 8 monsters at the same level. Matched with the Critical Strike to Restore Health of Surge, The Hit to Regenerate Health in the Dark Magic assures full Health and Magicka after my class kills a large group of monsters. Due to I wipe out a group of monsters by the skill, my levels rise too quickly and the experience is not smooth.
Strategy:  Rush into monster and cast Encase; then use Lightning splash and Element Wall. What is noticed is not to be stunned by monsters. Finally, cast Overload to end the fight. During the whole battle, Magicka keeps full all the time.

 Unstable Familiar: I showed that I was not really optimistic about the summoning category of skill in previous guides. But now, I don’t think so. Summon pet is strong who can draw hatred. As a Sorcerer, it is unnecessary to need other else’s to output damage. But there are two more body shields to help Sorcerer block damage. It is quite wonderful.

 Daedric Curse: I’m fond of the skill. Having using it, I found many of other skills are better than Daedric Curse. Although it outputs high DPM with the low consumption, its charging time is a little long; it is terrible to notice whether it is charged or not. Hence, it is available in the fight against bosses in PVE instead of solo and PVP. Especially, it is frequently used under the condition of low Magicka. The important thing in the initial stage is to level it up and reduce charging time.

 Mage’s Fury: Like Crystal Fragments, it is another core skill. it costs lot of Magicka for solo but output heavy damage.

 Lightning Form: To the beginning, I like the skill. Now I feel that the best defense for Sorcerer is to attack and control rather than spend much Magicka to get hits. There are lots of skills for Sorcerer to increase armor let alone. In the late, my Sorcerer has few chances to use the skill. When I am attacked, he cast flash to escape. No one can blame me, because Sorcerer plays a role to output damage or heal in PVE and PVP.

 Destructive Touch: It is a skill to add survival chances because of its High damage and low consumption. It is useful in the initial stage but less useful in the late.

Wall of Elements: An auxiliary AOE skill. I’ve ever tried to cast the skill to remote attack skill. And ice staff with the skill is very useful. But the skill cast much Magicka and low damage. For the most of damage is outputted by Overload, Wall of Elements is as a control skill. Of course, I can save Magicka to cast other control skills. In the process of exploring dungeons, Wall of Elements+ Lightning Splash is the good AOE skill to help other teammates.

Grand Healing: The range healing. Its advance states are Magicka Regeneration and Increase the Effect. For my sorcerer has enough Magicka, I choose the latter. For melee class with 2000 Health, the healing value is just 200~400. We can see that ESO tests the healing dose instead of the healing overflowing for Tank with full Health. Sorcerer can cast a set of skills and then use Dark Magic skill to save time to release healing skills. Moreover, the class is able to restore Magicka, so it doesn’t need the large healing dose.

 Regeneration: the long tine HOT, large healing dose (Lvl 50 about 720 healing). It is nice to cast the skill before battle. Instant Regeneration Health+ Regeneration can improve HPM in challenging dungeons.

 Silver Bolts: The first skill of warrior guild. For Sorcerer who casts most of skills by Magicka, this is a good skill to supplement Stamina. What’s more, Sliver Bolts is good at slay the demon and the undead.

 Circle of Protection: I’d like to play the role of energy resource. As to Buff skills in a team, enough Magicka is pretty significant.

Magelight: The grand skill with 20% critical strike, which cause obviously high DPS. But it will occupy a skill bar. Therefore, whether to choose depends on classes’ needs.

Entropy: It seems wonderful with damage and restoration. But it is not very useful in battle, so I give it up.

The ult skills in the initial stage are introduced here.

Magic Silence: It can be said that the skill is a PVP skill. Though it immobilizes monsters, the skill is less useful than Encase to attack monsters. With high consumption, its damage effect is cool which can reverse the battle situation.

Summon Storm Atronach: To be honest, it is relaxed for me to fight without it. For the monsters I don’t defeat, such as Dark anchors and strong skulls, casting Summon Storm Atronach is useless.

 Overload: Sorcerer’s core skill. It is available from Level 10 and the most of AOE damage of Sorcerer is from the skill. What about ADD? It doesn’t matter. Casting Overload deals with ADD. If Overload is unavailable, I am not at east to advance.


The medium-term Skills:

Rune Prison: The great skill for solo play with long time control and low consumption. As long as a boss is controlled, Sorcerer can kill it alone.
Strategy: First cast Rune Prison and wait to restore full Magicka for 15 seconds; then cast Rune Prison again and wait….As to the advanced state of the skill, I choose “Stun for 2 seconds after casting”. Eune Prison is powerful to immobilize one enemy and attack others.

Dark Exchange: The core skill. For Sorcerer as either DPS or Healer, the skill plays an important role in the exploration journey. Its advanced state Reducing Magicka benefits the whole exploration. Sorcerer’s Magicka is not infinite, continuously casting spell three times will use up Magicka. Reasonable Dark Exchange makes Magicka and Stamina sufficient, which is good for using MP2 automatic recovery. Before Dark Exchange is available, Sorcerer should place three Dark Magic skills in the skill bar. Quickly upgrade Dark Magic skills to be able to choose Dark Exchange as soon as possible.

Summon Winged Twilight: The second strong pet as body shield. It is used to protect Sorcerer from hit. One of its advanced states can restore much Health. Sometimes, it even solely slays a boss. The other advanced state is to restore Magicka. For me, I like the former for solo play.

Bound Armor: It is cool. My Sorcerer has used it for a long time. Compared with Magelight, it is not very useful with high Magicka consumption.

Disintegrate: The official AOE spell skill. If there are teammates help, the skill has a good effect. But it is useless in solo fight.

 Surge: The skill can affect weapon power like Destructive Staff and Restoration Staff. When Surge is advanced, the skill can output critical strike restoration to reduce 50% Health. Surge+ Encase has Sorcerer more relax in fights.

Force Shock: The instant core skill with low consumption and good damage ( about 200 at level 50). It can receive the Bonus from other skills. As a weapon skill, Force Shock will have higher damage in the late. In other way, it is the only one interrupt skill for remote attack sorcerer. The importance is that the skill doesn’t use the flat shot CD.

Weakness to Elements: The absolutely fight skill for PVE BOSS. It doesn’t only add bonus to Sorcerer’s main skills but also help other classes in a team. The advanced state can increase it damage. If it is RAIDer, Weakness to Elements is capable of recovering Magicka for all.

If sorcerer is equipped with a one-handed sword and a shield, Weakness to Elements can reduce the spell resistance of Puncture by 40%. With adding Magicka, it may reduce damage by 80%. It is said that its limit is 50% reduction damage.
PS: This skill has no hatred. For example, in the solely fight against a boss, output Debuff at the beginning. The boss doesn’t attack you. Then you can use crystals.

 Blessing of Protection: A precious healing skill with instant effect. It can provide armor and spell resistance. I often use the skill in PVE OR PVP to keep full armor and spell resistance. Because of the lack of Magicka, I choose the advanced state Buff for my class. Its attack range is large in the late.

Steadfast Ward: it has two advanced states. One is to add armor to Sorcerer and allies; the other is to add shield and instantly heal for a short time. As a shield skill, its effect can reach 300. At level 50, it supplies 100 healing and 230 shield. This is, Steadfast Ward can give about 1000 healing for the dying teammate.

The Late Skills:

Daedric Mines: The skill is actually different from the primary and it is not a lightning shield. As the centre of casters, you can caste three mines in each of the vertices of the triangle; the mines come into effect in three seconds. Generally, it is used in positional warfare. For example, Daedric Mines are cast around remote attack teammates and Healers in Group PVP. Mines can be released around monsters in dungeons. After it is upgraded, it is obvious to output damage and stun enemies.

Conjured Ward: It just costs less 300 Magicka Coins and 500 Shield Coins. Sorcerer’s Conjured Ward restores as much Health as how much the class himself has. Because of high Magicka for Sorcerer, you can consider get it with your characters.

Bolt Escape: It can be applied to control and escape with low Magicka. The full Magicka can used to cast the skill five or six time without CD. For ESO Sorcerer, it is perfect skill.
Sorcerer’s three ultimate skills are worthy of their name. But you need to cast them frequently to level up, or the ultimate skills don’t achieve satisfactory effect.

Impulse: It is instant AOE skill with the Destructive Staff. Impulse has the highest damage for Sorcerer apart from Overload. If you has enough final Coins or want to cast other ultimate skills, Impulse, as a main A skill, is the best skill with high DPS and DPM. The damage of Impulse is the same as Force Shock, about 160.

Force Siphon: It is a Buff spell skill for a team. For me, I never use it for solo play, because it has no obvious effect of regeneration Health. As a Healer in a team, Sorcerer uses the skill and its effect is good.




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