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Detail Analysis to Level 50 The Elder Scrolls Online Sorcerer (I)

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Several weeks ago, I searched lots of builds about ESO Sorcerer. Even I experienced the class and reached level 50. I found that there are some immature places at level 15. Now, I analyze the Sorcerer class in reasonable and logic way.

The text is divided into the following sections:
1.  Attribute equipment and passive skills. That is all content reflected in the interface bar C.
2.  The detail analysis to every category of skills (three skill lines, the destructive and restoration staff skills, the light-or-heavy armor skills, the guild skills); their use in the actual operation, known as the gameplay.
3.  The upgrade experience from level 1to 50; how to build your character; personal experience conclusion.

Equipment Attributes and Passive Skills
eso sorcerer's attributes

 The above screenshot is the level 50 Sorcerer’s attributes.
 All equipment is green at level 50. It can be said that every Sorcerer at LVL50 has such attributes.
In terms of attribute Coins, I try many ways, such as full Health, full Magicka or half Health and half Magicka. In all, different players have different ways.

The soft maximum of Magicka and Stamina is changed in the last Patch. This is, adding attribute Coins to Magicka and Stamina can definitely improve DPS without overflow. It is difficult to estimate the value of Health. The death needs neither DPS nor treatment. Thus, if you want to balance Health and Magicka by attribute Coins, equipment and passive skills, you have to be accordance with your character needs. If you have the good operation and fast internet speed to ensure Health not to lose in battle, you can think about “the mage adding Magicka and "the lord adding Health” with the full blue guardian stone.

As for various passive skills, how to choose? The simple way is to choose all. In the case of sufficient skills in the later stage, the skills to add Magicka regeneration, critical strike and reduction have to be chosen except the overflowing-spell-resistance skill.

There are good passive skills to provide. Based on your character, you can decide which skill is the first to choose.

eso Blood MagicDark Magic Blood Magic: when you cast the Dark Magic skills, your dark magic spell can hit an enemy to restore Health by 3% to 5%. If you like AOE, the skill is quite useful. As you cast Encase to attack six enemies, your Health will recover by 30%.

eso ExploitationDark Magic Exploitation: As you cast Dark Magic skills and are attacked by enemies., the skill can increase critical strike by 7% ~ 15%.  Yeah, it is 15% of critical strike. With the 10% of critical strike and 20% from armor and spell lighting, a level 50 sorcerer can totally has 50% of critical strike. Although the passive skill has the casting condition, it is used with other skills and output amazing damage, which I will explain in section 2.

eso Power StoneDaedric Summoning Power Stone: This is an awesome skill which allows you ultimate skills more often to cast and more powerful. Personally, if I use the skill to slay a monster, it can assure that I can cast my ultimate skills to damage every wave of monsters.

eso Persuasive Willeso Intimidating PresentceGuild Skills Persuasive Will and Intimidating Presence: The earlier the better. I thought I needed used two skill Coins to get them and they didn’t improve my character’s force. So I didn’t choose it at first. However, when I reached level 30, I found that the both skills could help me save time and eso gold, because there are lots of quests to use the two skills to teleport. The skills can make NPC guide me how to solve some problems. Even NPC tells me the solution.

There are other passive skills for Sorcerer, which are just to add attribute functions. In the case of enough attribute Coins, the passive skills are Coined out one by one.



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