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The Elder Scrolls Online Dungeon Wayrest Sewers Guide

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After the eso Darkshade Caverns, the next dungeon we will challenge is the Wayrest Sewers located in the areas of Daggerfall Covenant. How to reach there? I find it on the map. It doesn’t matter to know which map is the dungeon. I can try them one by one. When I find a torch mark with a cross, put mouse icon on it and assure the mark is the place of Wayrest Sewers. Then my class is teleported there (Free teleport or Press P to be transferred to a teammate).

According to usual practice, I and my teammates never forget to accept quests when we enter the dungeon!
accept eso quest 
Having accepted the quest, go left to clear away some mice. We encounter the greatest difficulty-crocodile monsters-in the dungeon. At first, we didn’t find those monsters hiding in the sewers. But Sorcerer undesignedly knocked the sewers and attracted three crocodiles to quickly run toward us. We armed and prepared to attack them. And our team was destroyed by those monsters within ten seconds.
eso crocodiles 
Recalled the painful experience- as a warning for the next fight, we adjusted positive attitude and carefully fight against the crocodiles after our characters was resurrected. We first cast multiple control skills and concentrated our firepower on the monsters. A crocodile used its tail to sweep us but its attack ranger is not as round as small dinosaur’s. As players, however, don’t underestimate those monsters, or you will die like us.

NO.1 Boss Slimecraw

We see NO.1 Boss Slimecraw after killing the three crocodiles.
You may think: wow, the crocodile mini-monsters is so strong and the boss will definitely be more terrible and powerful. Life is always unexpected. The boss is much too weak. Tank draws the fire of the boss and other members attack it. It is easy to kill Slimecraw.
eso Slimecraw 

NO.2 Boss Investigator Garron

Then we get to a hall. You can see that there are several mini-monsters and three altars from the picture. There is a eccentric man to be casting spell on the middle altar, who is the NO.2 boss Investigator Garron (Please notice not to release ADD in casting spell).
eso Altars 

The Investigator Garron’s skills:
1. Teleport. Teleport is a quite cool skill for the boss. A blue magic trace will be left and so quickly disappear that I have not time to get a screenshot. The tradition strategy to slay such boss is to cast Teleport Strike to close to the boss and attack fast.
2. To summon a green ball (with red circle). The ball can run after target and attack. Target neither stays in the red circle nor runs into the places where its teammates are. If the target is Nightblade, the class is able to draw the ball away and cast Teleport Strike to be back.boss.
eso green ball 

3. To summon mini-monsters. The boss is lingered by green mist which will gradually expand to be a green circle. The green circle means the boss will summon three mini-monsters from three altars. What is noted is that there is a small altar in front of the middle altar. A mini-monster will be summoned from the small altar. As Nightblade, I actively take up the responsibility to cast Teleport Strike and kill a mini-monster.   
eso green mist 
4. The mini-monsters can freeze targets. Thus, I perform attack skills- Hold+ Reduce Speed - to slay them as quickly as possible. It is rather terrible that teammates can not resuscitate the member who dies of frozen. (Why is you Sorcerer killed, my poor man?)
eso freezing 

After we defeat the boss, the game quests will be updated. There are some crocodiles on our road. We cautiously go forward.

NO.3 Boss the Rat Whisperer
The next is NO.3 Boss the Rat Whisperer. As a spell boss, the Rat Whisperer has some spell skills. It can summon an ice barrier and something like meteorites with a red circle. It is important to evade quickly.
eso the Rath Whisperer 

Like the name Rat Whisperer, the boss enables to summon some rats. And the rats can bite and cause heavy damage. Therefore, we carefully cast control skills.

NO.4 Boss Uulgara the Hungry

After killing NO.3 Boss, we continue our exploration. For a group of mini-monsters, we first kill the healing. NO.4 Boss Uulgara the Hungry appears. The boss likes cast skills to intimidate its opponents. Left click can solve the skills. Besides, it has one skill, waving weapon with red circle.
eso Uulgara Hungry  


 NO.5 Boss Varaine Pellingare

Then we go forward and come across NO.5 Boss, Varaine Pellingare. I have to say that the boss looks handsome in terms of its post.
The boss is equipped with dual swords to cut targets; it can cast the AOE area in front to knock down.
eso Varaine Pellingare 
(Our Tank Dragon Knight is so strong to bear the boss’s hits.)
In addition, Varaine Pellingare can use the cool skill Swing Cut with the 360 ° attack ranger.
eso Varaine Pellengare's skill

(I'm sorry to get a screenshot to show its handsome post.)
It should be noted that the boss’s red circle has some subtle differences with the before. Regarding boss as the center, the circle becomes larger slowly and slowly. Before the circle is going to reach the maximum and the boss will cast skill, we evade as quickly as possible. Don’t wait the circle becomes the biggest. Once the boss has cast skill, there is no time to evade. The boss outputs heavy damage. If Health isn’t full, its hit causes death.

The Final Boss: Allene Pellingare
In fact, Allene Pellingare is a Nightblade with dual weapons. It can use nightblade’s Teleport Strike and Whirlwind. This means that melee classes suffer its heavy damage of Whirlwind. Healer has to recover Health for melee classes. Fortunately, the boss doesn’t continuously cast the skill; otherwise, there was not idea to deal with it. Moreover, the boss can use common charging skills to knock down targets (I don’t know whether the shield T Block can deal the problem.

In addition, the boss has a third skill. We find the screen becomes dark like this: 

eso Dark Screen 

Next up, there is a group of bats.

After the first dark screen, three bats appear; then four. The third bat becomes six. If that’s all right, it is better to cast the ult shadow skill to reduce damage and speed by 30%, or it is easy for the team to kill.
After it is third time that the boss summons bats, we kill it. Our journey to explore Wayrest Swewrs is successful end.

The items gained from Allene Pellingare
eso items 



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