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Detail Guide to ESO Nightblade Exploring Darkshade Caverns

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The dungeon where we explore is the Darkshade Caverns. The following picture is the entrance to Darkshade Caverns. It is magnificent, isn’t it?

Having entered the dungeon, I and my teammates accept a quest. Specially, there is need to note that a NPC follows us after we accepted the quest.
The picture of NPC:
We have to escort him safely to the room where NO. 2 Boss is, or the quest will be failure. In our first time we played, we failed the quest. I had thought my team encountered BUG. But I frowned and thought about the reason for failure. Originally, the NPC Death led to our failure. Then, we tried again and succeeded.

There are four kinds of monsters: the humanoid monsters, insects, the humanoid worms and a few robots. I don’t explain too much about the latter two who are easily killed. The big threat is the humanoid monsters, especially humanoid healing monsters that can restore Health with wands. Each of the three dungeons has such healing monsters. Having staring fights, the first thing is to slay the humanoid healing monsters; otherwise, they are able to recover their allies’ Health quickly. Melee Nightblade is the best class to deal with such healing monsters.
Nightblade firstly uses Ambush to stun monsters for 1.5 seconds and then Blinding Flurry to kill them. Of course, you can cast Impale twice to slay them. But remember that “Always interrupted!”  (Right click to block and then left click), which is the most important action.

Tips: If there are more than two healing monsters, all teammates attack one and other healing monsters can help the attacked ally recover Health. Thus, the Tank firstly draws one and other teammates don’t attack the rest of healing monsters until they begin to help the first attacked monster recover Health. In this way, we can deal with one as soon as possible.

No.1 Boss
Clearing up a group of monsters, we see No.1 Boss, the Head Shepherd Neloren.
Basically, there is no difficulty to defeat NO.1 Boss. From the above picture, we can see that it is followed two healing mini-monsters. At the beginning of the fight, it can call “Heal me!!!” Therefore, we have to clear up the two healing monsters first and then it is so easy to defeat the boss that we have no time to make it release special skills. Dual-weapon Nightblade has the excellent ability to control and solo DPS and can deal with a mini-monster. Other teammates just draw the other one so that both monsters restore Health for each other.

Then, after we clear up some the humanoid monsters and insects, we get to the room where No.2 Boss is. NPC can tell us that we need worry about its safety. In the room, the mini-monsters is the most difficult to kill in the whole dungeon, because they are too much and scattered. As a melee class, my Nightblade has to output good damage. But it is also important not to handle with ADD. After all, it is better to save trouble. Not to mention the hatred of many monsters in dungeons is attached. Attack one and there is likely to lead to three or five monsters rushing towards me.

Having killing monsters, NO.2 Boss, Foreman Llothan, comes out.

  The Boss’s skills:
I. To summon a red circle covered by green gas. Don’t get in it.
II.  In the red AOE range of the Boss, there are rather high damage. If Health is not full, it is likely to die quickly once teammates are hit by the boss in the red areas. Fortunately, it is easy to evade. Keep a appropriate attack distance, keep Stamina and be careful.

III. To summon insects.
For my melee Nightblade, the task for is to kill healing monsters and remote DPS insects in the first place even if there are some insects attack it. I cast Ambush to close to healing monsters and attack them. I deal with the healers while others keep up with me.

The boss can run away and keep a certain distance to spell. Ambush helps us to catch up with it, to ensure enough time to output damage. Meanwhile, the skill can help us deal with remote ADD and damage Foreman Llothan. What a good skill.

Tips: Most of the attack skills of all spell bosses, such as casting green, blue or red ball, are capable of being dodge. As seeing a boss will cast spell, remember to prepare to dodge! The Elder Scrolls Online is not an automatic locking game. Dodge attack, handle with ADD and produce DPS as much as possibke; then gain LOOT.

After killing the boss, the game will refresh automatically and then we continue our adventure.

There are four waves of monsters to slay between NO.2 Boss and NO.3 Boss. Each wave of monsters consists of a humanoid worm and several insects. My strategy is to kill the humanoid worm first and cast Whirlwind to sweep up the rest. If all teammates use AOE skills, the entire screen will be quite bloody and exciting.

Next up, it is NO.3 Boss, the Hive Lord.

This boss is the hardest to kill in the Darkshade Caverns. However, as long as there are proper strategies and harmonious cooperation in a team, it is as easy turning one’s hand over to defeat the boss.

I introduce the skills of the Hive Lord:
I. The boss can summon a red circle around any target to output damage. The red circle appears and slowly expands. Thus, there is sufficient time to avoid.

II. The boss can cast shockwave in fan-shaped areas in its front. It is better to avoid its directly front. (But Dragon Knight in our team never avoid. How lazy he is!)

III. The boss is able to jump to a target and knock down result in heavy damage. After testing, it is sure that the trigger condition of the boss’s skill is for a target who keeps a certain distance with the boss, but is not the furthest and the nearest away from the boss. Hence, to fight against the Hive Lord, it is better to close to it and attack.

IV. It summons insects, which is a ADD skill. The Boss can summon three insects every time. Generally, we wipe out them quickly.

V. Earthquake. There is a big red circle regarded the boss as the center when it is ready to cast the Earthquake. When casting the skill, boss hits the ground and causes earthquake. If we stand in the red circle, we will receive great continuous damage. How broad is the damage range? Please look at the following screenshot.
The skill is the reason why NO.3 Boss is the strongest in Darkshade Caverns: the large AOE range, pretty heavy damage. As the jumping skill requires fighters near the boss, we have to concentrate on attack and evasion. What is worse, the boss will quickly jump to attack an unlucky teammate with low Health after casting Earthquake. Others want to save the unlucky but keeps two far away. The only thing for other teammates is to see that the unlucky teammate is killed by the boss. If the killed teammate is the Healer, the final end is that the whole team is destroyed.

After attrition is very embarrassing, to save him from far away in the swoop would be interrupted + DOT, do not save it, if death is the nurse then waiting group off of it

How to deal with the case? Is it useful to strictly station and accurately dodge? For a solo player, it is useful. But this is teamwork. To strictly station and accurately dodge is not helpful.

However, don’t worry. The secret to defeat the boss is to interrupt its Earthquake.

Yeah, Earthquake is a guiding skill, so it can be interrupted.
To interrupt the skill need not a special skill. Any skill can do that. Click right to Block and then click Left to interrupt. I thought only shied attack can interrupt. In fact, dual weapon can do.
What is noted is the interruption time. When the red circle appears and the boss is prepare to hit the ground, it is good time to interrupt its Earthquake.

Without Earthquake, killing the boss is a piece of cake. The team focused stations. Tank draws the boss’s fire and DPS classes continually output damage as quickly as possible. After defeating the boss, the next is No.4 boss, Cavern Patriarch.
No.4 Boss

 This boss is nothing but a big jellyfish, whose skills is the same as other jellyfish in the wild. The reason why it can be a boss it that it can cast gas circles around targets. It is okay to avoid the circles.

No.5 Boss: Cutting Sphere
It has only one attack skill, Whirlwind. The ranger is as the picture show. It can cut while running. But the speed is slow. Look at its Health Bar. Is it really called a boss?

 Having killed the NO.5 boss, we will challenge the Final boss Sentinel of Rkugamz.

The final boss looks very cool. Actually, its skills are cooler.
I. Vigorously Cleave.
Why do I refer to the skill? There is a story. When our Tank had died in the fight against it, my Nightblade decisively rushed into and wanted to draw it. The boss first saw me and “confused” for a moment. When it attacked me, I prepared to evade. But it is too late and I died quickly ever if I have full Health.  What I just want to say is the DPS and Healer pay more attention to the boss, because there is not time to recover Health for your classes as long as you are hit.
II. Barrage.  The skill is common skill for most of bosses. There are multiple red circles which can cause damage. keep moving and avoid them.

III. Summon insects. It is necessary to slay them. Avoid them and continue to attack theBoss.

IV. Whirlwind. It is enhanced skill, more powerful and larger scope. The most important is its speed is faster.
It is sure who the boss runs after; the teammate draws the boss away. Don’t run to a dead end, or the result like this:

 Tips: Impale upgraded from Assassination Assassin’s Blade has a amazing effect and its 15-meter attack range can block the boss to attack.

As the final boss crashes to the ground, the journey to explore in Darkshade Cavens comes to the end. I experience that the dungeon is the most interesting with various bosses.

The eso items dropped from the Cutting Sphere:

The next dungeon is The Elder Scrolls Online Dungeon Wayrest Sewers.




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