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The ESO Guide to Dual-weapon Nightblade for PVE

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Due to various reasons before, this is my first time to experience The Elder Scrolls Online in the beta. There is someone to know better about ESO than me in the forum. I do not need to say more about that. The reason for the build is that I feel very excited about playing the game and want to share my excitement with you. Just for it is my first time, I’m eager to experience the game as much as possible within two days. The time is tight and many of quests on the second map stop my steps to level up, so I’ve just reached level 20, for which it is greatly difficult to explore in dungeons as a team. Fortunately, there is the team tool to intimately prepare for players like me in the game.

I can search for a team immediately when you use the tool and participate in the option Group. Then my journey to explore in the level 20 dungeons begins.

Most of players note the equipment. I ensure that the dropped equipment is the all of bosses in dungeons. This is, it is possible that any of items in the list are dropped from each boss in dungeons. Every player gains the dependent LOOT from the boss corpses, which can be exchanged; the current dropped equipment can.

My team consists of a Tank (Nord Dragon Knight), a Healer (Argonian Templar) and two DPS classes (Khajiit Nightblade and Altmer Sorcerer). In my Coin of vies, a good team is composed of four teammates who come from four different races; it is balanced that there is a melee class, a remote attack class and a healer in the team. Dragon Knight’s skills can control lots of ADD very well; Sorcerer is brilliant at AOE. For the melee class Nightblade , according to my experience to explore in Dungeons, the class just is play a bit role.

Now, I introduce my build.

First, it is about my main attack skills:

        Assassination Assassin’s Blade,upgraded to be Impale
        Assassination Teleport Strike,upgraded to be Ambush
        Shadow Cloak,upgraded to be Shadowy Disguise
        Shadow’s Veiled Strike, upgraded to be Surprise Attack
        Dual Weapon Flurry,upgraded to be Blinding Flurry

 ULT Skill :Assassination Death Stoke, upgraded to be Incapacitating Strike 

Switchable skillsSiphoning Strife
                              Dual Weapon Twin Slashes
                              Dual Weapon Whirlwind
                              Dual Weapon Spark
                ULT Skill:Shadow Consuming Darkness

My character attributes:

My first idea is to experience the game within the three days of ESO BETA, so there is no installation of plug-ins. Now, I have a little regret, however. Because there is no specific data, it can not intuitively reflect and compare my skills and clear their advantages and disadvantages. I know that it is so unbelievable to depend on feelings. Thus, I’m simply opening the build for discussion and hope perfect my skills after the game is launched.

From this build, it is obvious that my aim is PVE. As a matter of fact, there are commendable Coins for PVE in the build. The high mobility of Teleport Strike and Assassin’s Blade is good. Upgraded Impale and Ambush can provide the capabilities of control and remote output. Shadow Cloak can not only save my character’s life but also help clear hatred in the case of OT. Shadowy Disguise outputs critical strike by 70%, which can cause damage bonus and three-second control when it is used with Surprise Attack under stealth state. Even Shadow Cloak with Surprise Attack becomes a super-powerful, deadly skill; the initiative using of Shadow Cloak + Surprise Attack brings me the first chance to kill enemies.

As we all know, Nightblade is a weak class. For my Nightblade, however, slaying a team with three enemies is a piece of cake. Even if one vs. four, I worry about nothing. If I am the first to attack, Ambush can stun targets for 1.5 seconds; Blinding Flurry follows and then the common attack skill attack. Finally, Impale finishes the battle. The whole fighting time is not over three seconds. Shadow Cloak + Surprise Attack can kill a monster and stun others for three seconds. If the second monster is remote attack or spell, there is need to use common attack skills to attack and Impale kill it. For a melee target, I use Blinding Flurry to slay directly. As for 1 vs. 1, it up to you how to cast skills.

If I lose the first chance to attack, I will cast Shadow Cloak + Surprise Attack draws the biggest target away. Based on my Magicka and Stamina, I use the weapon Spark to attack the melee enemies and draw it away; then Ambush has me go back quickly and clear up the remote attack monsters. For 1 vs. 1, it depends on you.

At any time, I firstly kill the healing monsters, followed by spell monsters. Spell monsters have high damage and abilities to control and reduce speed. And they are weaker and more easily drawn away than other monsters. The third is melee monsters to kill: the two-handed melee monsters> the dual-weapon melee monsters> the one-hand monster with a shield. The dual-weapon monsters with high damage are the biggest threat, strong and knock-down; it can cast a red circle and you have to avoid. The monster with a shield seems terrible but it actually be stunned after its shield was blocked. The monsters with a bow output the lowest damage. I don’t use the deadly ULT skills frequently, ever if I slay target whose levels is as four high as mines. The ULT Skills can output extra damage by 275%, which is used to slay elite bosses or quickly kill a group of monsters in the ADD emergency.

Of course, do not save red and blue potions. I often drink blue potions. After all, to gain a cape+ Sneak-raid means one less enemy to fight.
There is an obvious disadvantage in the build. It is weak AOE. When fighting against a group of monsters, my Nightblade just use control skills and solo skills. The most fatal flaw is the lack of Magicka.

As to Flurry and Twin Slashes, I don’t really know which is better. Flurry is to more easily restore Stamina. Fox example, while I explore in Dungeons and needn’t sufficient Stamina to roll, I cast Blinding Flurry and then use Impale. As Magicka remains some and Stamina recovers, I cast the skill again.

In addition, For Impale and Strife, one is to exterminate and the other is to remotely attack and restore Health. Both of them seem good skills. Which is better? I am very sorry that I don’t assure.



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