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The Elder Scrolls Online Alchemy Advanced Guide

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The base introduction to ESO Alchemy:

• Items produced through Alchemy are similar to potions in other games.(non-aggregate).  Those items can greatly enhance the specific attributes of ESO characters in a short time.
• Potions are just available for your characters whose levels reaches requirement. You can apply them on weapons and armor.
• Alchemical materials include two categories: medicine and water; medicine decides the effect types of potions and the water determines the level of potions.
• There are two effects, buff effect and side effect. The level of water will bring the positive or negative effect and duration.
• At the initial stage of the game, you can able to use two herbs + a kind of water to produce a potion. With upgrading alchemy levels, you can make use of three herbs +a water to make potions through some passive skills.
•there are just two ways to upgrade Alchemy: Synthesizing potions and Reading.
• Different herbs has different environments to grow; some of herbs grows in a particular environment.


Passive Alchemy skills:
Solvent Proficient (1/6) -Allows you to use a higher level of water..
Alchemy Keen-eye Regents (1/3): Alchemy materials (herbs and water) are easily seen within 20 meters. Close to the materials and they will emit white light. The distance to show white light can add up to 40 meters after the passive skill reaches full level.
Medicinal Use (1/3): When using Potion, effect duration is increased by 10%; full level by 30%.
Chemistry (1/3) - Produces one extra potion every time crafting. The skill at Full level can add up to three more potions.
Laboratory Use (1) - Used three reagents when synthesizing potions. Unlock at level 15 to help you make more useful and effective potions.
Snakeblood (1/3) -Reduces the negative effects of potions by 50%; full level reducing by 100% .


Water level:
• Natural Water: ....... Used at level 3.
• Clear Water: .......... Used at level 10.
• Pristine Water: ....... Used at level 20.
• Cleanses Water: .... Used at level 30.
• Filtered Water: ....... Used at level 40.
• Purified Water: ....... Used at level 50.
• Cloud Mist: ............. Used at elite level 5.

Efficacy kind description:
There are 24 kinds of games efficacy to show respectively as follows:

Buff      - Restores Health, Stamina and Magicka
-Increase movement speed and spell critical strike chance
-Add weapon critical strike chance and weapon damage
-Invisibility, Detection and Immune Control

Debuff   - Damage Health, Stamina and Magicka
           -Slow down movement speed
           -Lower spell damage and critical strike chance
           -Reduce armor, weapon critical strike chance and damage

Efficacy to add Health/ Magicka / Stamina means to directly add Health and increase the speed of restoring corresponding attributes in the short time. The reducing Health,/Magicka/ Stamina efficacy is to deduct directly a certain amount of Health,/Magicka/ Stamina.

• If the potion has two opposition efficacy and its effect is offset. What you need to note that Immune Control and Stun is a group of opposition efficacy.
• There are four hidden effects for each Regent. As two Regents have same effect, you can use them to make a potion with the effect.
• If the special effects are different or effects all cancel out each other, the synthesis will fail.
• CD to use potions is about generally 30 seconds and the duration of efficacy is 3-10 seconds.


The list of two Regents synthesis:
 the list of eso potion synthesis

Some interesting synthesis laws which have been found:

Emetic Russula has four negative effects. So you never choose it except leveling up.
Bugloss has four positive effect and three effects are to restore attributes.
It is impossible to add armor and spell resistance at the same time.
Increasing armor leads to reducing weapon damage. Increasing spell resistance can reduce spell damage.
It can not appear simultaneously four positive effects, up to3 positive effects or 3 positive+ 1 negative.




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