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The Comparison of Magicka Consumption Between Various ESO Classes

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The Elder Scrolls Online is the game with a high degree of freedom. As far as I am concerned, the class difference does not mean that there are different development and class assignments. The various classes do just show different playing styles. Apart from classes, there are all sorts of weapons, equipment, guilds and battlefields for players to choose. Whatever you play, you can create varieties of builds for different teams based on your skill collocation.

A variety of skills makes players dazzling. Some of players may be confused about how to choose classes and skill collocation. By the horizontal contrast of four classes, this guide aims mainly to help players know more about ESO classes and create their own builds.

I’d like repeat that all of classes can become excellent DPS classes, Healers or Tank classes based on reasonable skill collocation. Players don’t match a class with a certain field by mistake, because of class difference. In fact, the expectation for characters players will play is not the reason for choosing them.

The class compare is actually the skill compare. Different classes have different skill styles. In order to fully and quickly know about a certain class, I recommend to see the various profiles and skills of different classes.

To cast skills needs Stamina and Magicka. In the setting of the ESO skills, all skills don’t have CD and the only one limit is Magicka or Stamina. The distinction of recovering effect between skills is the most important base of class compare.

Restoring Magicka Skills
eso magicka cost

The first rank shows the different ESO classes, which are marked in four different colors. The second rank shows class skills; some skills with the same color as the classes in the first rank are active skills and some with light color are passive skills. The rest ranks are skill data, where the same color skills as active skills are more important than others.

From the table, it can be seen that Dragon Knight has the least skills to restore Magicka; Nightblade is the second. Sorcerer has the most restoring Magicka skills. Basically, the situation meets our first impression of the class names.

Is the class with most restoring skills the best Speller in a team? It is actually not. There are some reasons to show as follows:

Firstly, the restoring magicka skills have different quality from each other. Players don’t neglect the quality because a class has more restoring Magaicka skills. What’s more, many of skills are useless in certain situations.

Secondly, in the case of enchanting equipment and adding attribute Coins, it is easy that the maximum of Magicka and recovering speed reaches the threshold value. Then Buff can reduce quickly and the related skills don’t bring Buff—this is one of sacrifice ways. It sacrifice other choices of equipment and enchanting when resource to restore Magicka is lack.

Thirdly, the cost performance of other classes’ skills is uncertain. For example, the attributes of the restoring Magicka Class A has is less than that of Class B. But output skills of Class A can cause higher damage than the Class B outputs under the same Magicka consumption. Then there is need to analyze specific solution to decide which class to choose.

Therefore, the above table is used as a reference for players to deepen their professional knowledge in the field of regeneration.

No matter what class you play, would you want to quickly restore Magicka? No problem. Look at the following table:
eso magicka reduces
Sorcerer can use Dark Exchange to effectively maximize skill resource. Through costing Magicka and growing Stamina, Sorcerer can keep casting the skill. Is it only Dark Exchange that has such effect? NO. the last skill of the Sorcerer Guild, Equilbrium, has the similar effect.

Compared with Sorcerer’s skills, Equilbrium cost Health instead of Stamina to recover Magicka (to reduce security), which is available in the quite late (to improve using condition). By the sacrifice way above, any class can change one resource into other like sorcerer. Equilbrium is a skill to instantly cast, which is better than Dark Exchange.

Maybe, you are eager for Nightblade’s Siphoning Strikes and Templar’s Restoring Spirit.

It is wonderful to arm with Destruction Staff (give up the weapon choice) and cast Elemental Drain. Elemental Drain and Siphoning Strikes have opposite effect in the Magicka regeneration when hit, but the former can reduce target’s magic resistance and the latter reduces the damage of its common skills.

Of course, Dragon knight can be speller. The fire damage skill is Coined out, which causes heavy damage. Then with Equilbrium, the continuous damage output is also good.

Is Nightblade the assassin? Nightblae with the destruction staff has very awesome spell output.

Don't feel disapCoined because the class you play has a certain skill. Study the generic skills your class has and you can find alternative skills. Thank about what your goals is and select the relevant skills. Then a good build on your class will be got.




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