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ESO Guide to Tank Dragonknight with Low Attribute Consumption

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As a loyal fan of The Elder Scrolls Online, I’m used in solo in the game.  I spent some time in building a new character in the game beta. I’ve collected all pieces to get skill Coins and complete three allied dungeons. Moreover, I explore in Fungus Grotto to test my skill connection.
Completing all quests ESO beta provides required level 16. And it is easy to finish quests as a team as well as solo. For me, I know about Dragon Knight as a Tank class and want to share it with you. 

I add Stamina for my character every one level. What’s more, I add enchanting to my equipment so as to grow my Stamina and Magicka. To add chances to survive, I arm my class with the heavy armors and a shield.

The main weapon is a sword and a shield.
As to the secondary weapons, I choose a two-handed sword, an attack wand and the weapons my other classes used, all of which is good choice.

Skill Coins are quite important in the early. A wrong Coin you choose could slow down your character molding. Thus, please choose your skill Coins carefully and don’t waste them. In terms of allied dungeons, there is a Tank at least in a team. Personally, A sword and a shield is good items for Tank classes. Different from other players who like to evade and defend boss’s hit, I usually equip a shield and employ its bonus, because I think block will cause my class to accept heavy damage, reduce the speed and cost too much stamina when fighting with a boss. It is good way of the interaction to use flexibly run around and block.

Then I talk about the main skill collocation. The three of five skills is main attack skills in the below picture.  Other two skills is chosen by you according to different cases.
three eso skills 
Common three collocation grid (the pre-upgrade> the upgraded):
Puncture > Ransack
Searing Strike > Burning Embers
Spiked Armor > Razor Armor

The main feature of the three skills is “low consumption”, especially, Ransack and Burning Embers has the lowest consumption. As to “T” to add Health, upgrade equipment is not good with the lack of Magicka and Stamina. All of skills is not only to strengthen their individual and suppress the enemy, simple and effective, but also provides sufficient attack power in solo fights. When you encounter a boss, use Razor Armor to rush into it and then repeat “ Ransack+Burning Embers”.

Puncture > Ransack
Searing Strike > Burning Embers
Spiked Armor > Razor Armor

In terms of block, we have the following choices (the pre-upgrade> the upgraded):
eso block 
Dark Talons > Burning Talons
Stone Fist > Stone Giant
Fiery Grip > Extended Chain
Low Slash > Crippling Slash

Select two in the four skills above. It is worth noting that the controlled skills do not damage the boss with lots of Health. When exploring dungeons, I often equip my character with Burning Talons.  I hold mini-monsters and output damage, to save time for my teammate.
Fiery Grip is a skill which needs to cost much Magicka, which can not draw a enemy and kill it in the dungeon battle, because there are too many enemies to close to you. But the skill is good one in PVP.

Low Slash is another wonderful option as attack skills but it need much Stamina. If you have adequate Stamina, you can use Ransack+ Burning Embers. In addition, I suggest that Molten Weapons with Low Slash has low damage.

Ultimate skills:
eso Dragonknigh Standard 
This is most powerful ultimate skill, which is greatly helpful for you and your teammate. The skill is the key hit to slay a boss.

Passive skills:
Sword and Board
Iron Skin

There are some tips to upgrade the levels of passive skills.

Finally, what I say is that I will update builds in the future with the development of the game. I hope there are more good guides to different classes and latest ESO news to supply for you.





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