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Elder Scrolls Beginner Guide- Are you Feeling Overwhelmed in The Elder Scrolls Online? Try this!

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If you feel overwhelmed in ESO, don't worry. MMO is difficult to start, especially when you are a new player or a novice of this type. ESO is no exception, this guide shows you how to alleviate some feelings of being overwhelmed in ESO.

This is a very common feeling in eso and honestly, it's very common in a lot of MMOs, MMOs typically don't explain a lot they are there to let you explore and figure out things for yourself in a ton of ways.

This new player that comes into eso right now or any MMO really,  that's successful is jumping into a world that has been updated for at least seven years plus. When you think about it like that's a lot of changes, a lot of content, a lot of added features. All of that is just thrown at someone and they have to figure out how to sift through it.


How to not feel overwhelmed in ESO?

Here are a couple of ways to help you not feel overwhelmed in the elder scrolls online real quick.

You've got all these games with battle passes that try to get you to progress as much as, you can and to play as much as,  you can so you can get to the end, to get the best loot right, you have these MMOs that you can only do like the end game content or the relevant content,  that is at the end of the leveling experience because they have gear score, it's just a big thing now in gaming that a lot of players.

When they jump into a new game especially MMO, they have to rush to the end, watched multiple MMO content creators over the last four months, and a lot of them talk about if game developers didn't make such a crappy leveling experience, then it wouldn't encourage players to want to skip all of the content and instead have fun playing through the game at a normal pace,

ESO actually has an enjoyable leveling experience, the first time you play through the game now, when you make your 20th character your 17th character or something yeah, it might get a little boring but the first time you play through the game, it's very enjoyable.

1. Slow down

The first tip is to slow down, eso has a fun gameplay experience the reason that this is the case is that the game is a horizontal progression-based game.

ESO has the best questing and leveling experience of any MMO,  played slowing down allows you to understand what is happening when you level up and gain a new skill or a passive, it allows you to understand the crafting system, if you blaze through levels you're only going to have a lot more things unlocked, and a lot more things thrown at you that really stress a lot of people out when that happens because they don't know what to do, slowing down is a massive way to help you not feel overwhelmed.

2. Don't jump around too much in quests and zones 

The next point is don't jump around too much in quests and zones now, this is a preference for however you want to play the game.

To play through a singular quest line, and then to move on to another one, once completed that one while doing this, progressed through one alliance and then moved to the next.

Starting in the aldermere dominion, then went to the ebon heart pact,  then to the diary for covenant, this allows you to not have all sorts of things going on and it will be able to help you keep organized when you look at your map and you have a lot of content completed in one area, and then it just keeps progressively moving into another area.

This will allow you to feel that sense of accomplishment too when you completed x questline, ultimate diminishing questline, the main quest line mages guild questline fighters go questline like it allows you to see that accomplishment, and it allows you to feel that accomplishment next tip to help you not feel overwhelmed.

3. Establishing a routine

That is establishing a routine, getting a routine of how you do something in this game will help you tremendously with feeling no overwhelmed. Like, log into eso level mount speed or try to remember uh to level mount speed, continue off questing in the zone. 

So while questing then queue for a random dungeon, when that dungeon cue uh was up, to do the dungeon, get my experience, do the quest.

When having a full inventory, then teleport back to a town deconstruct every item that needed to be deconstructed researched items and sold ESO items, then take any excess items and put them into the bank for future researching deconstruction, to get any better armor or weapons from the hall of questing, then rinse and repeat, this is the routine, for a lot of beginning stages of eso your routine.

So this could be for even if you're a veteran player or an again a new player, but if you're a veteran player and you're feeling overwhelmed at the end game, you may do a different routine in the sense of may doing a few dungeons that can give you some gear and some skill points that you need.

Then maybe go grinding cp levels and then go do like a raid or something, and then you rinse and repeat that, there are all types of routines that you can do varying on which type of player you are, but it's important to try to get in one that fits your style.

4. Joining a guild

Helps with feeling overwhelmed is joining a guild. A lot of players want to play this game solo, and that's perfectly fine but if you are lost and need help or need just people to play with, there are so many guilds in this game,  they are friendly and will take you in.

Selecting the roles in the roles tab and asking for an invite in the guild tabs, is a great way to feel less overwhelmed because players have been in your shoes before joining a guild today, but in conclusion, feeling overwhelmed in MMOs is OK,  the biggest thing to know is you aren't alone in that and there are players that can help you out most importantly though make sure you are having fun in the game and play the way that brings that fun to you now.



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