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Guide to 4 DPS to explore Three ESO Dungeons

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It is the first time for me to play The Elder Scrolls Online. I like to solo with a bow and reach Level 19 in the game beta. I share my experience with you.
In my view, I love Khajiit and Wood Elf and participate in The Aldmeri Dominion. In The Aldmeri Dominion, 50% of players choose Khajiit+ Wood Elf Archer; 45% choose High Elf Mage,  5% Tank or other classes.
The traditional Iron triangle tactics is difficult to join in a team. In general, a team consists of four DPS classes or three DPS and a Healer to explore dungeons.

Specific Requirements
Auridon - BC dungeon
Teammate Levels: Level 13 (and equipment level is required to reach Level 10 )
Teammates: Three remote attack classes+ one melee tank class or
                   three remote attack + a healing class or 
                   four remote attack classes
Bow skills: Shadow Cloak+ Scatter Shot+ Agony+ Strife+ Silver Bolts

Skills Profile
Shadow Cloak  –Hide for 2.5 seconds, evade heavy strike and extinguish hatred.
Scatter Shot      -Hit back, reduce speed and stun for 4 seconds.
Agony              -Hold and stun.
Strife                -Regenerate Health.
Silver Bolts      -Hit down but not kill enemies for 4 seconds; have 5% chances to cause 1300 damage.


Specific Strategy
No 1. The remote attack boss
The spell boss is followed by a group of mini-monsters. The teammates scatter and use Hidden and Charge to kill some mini-monsters.  The boss can not regenerate Health until it dies. Thus, teammates need use right click to block or Shadow Cloak extinguish hatred.


Stonefalls - FG dungeon
No. 1 The boss Goblin
Use Hidden to slay mini-monsters and then scatter to fight against the boss. Run away as soon as quickly when the boss rush into you. Use Shadow Cloak in time and extinguish hatred.

No. 2  The boss crab and mini-monsters
The crab has high DPS. The teammate with the highest dps draws the boss by using Shadow Cloak, so that other members slay the mini-monsters. Then use the previous strategies to defeat the boss.


Glenumbra – SC
No.1  Blue spider
The first step is to clear up mini-monsters and then kill the boss together.

No.2 The control boss
Use Hit Back and other control skills to clear up mini-monsters and then killed the boss.

No. 3 Huge spider queen
Two of members draw the boss. Use Roll to avoid its AoE skill. Scatter and keep a safe distance to attack it.

The team with four DPS classes can finish a dungeon within 15 minutes. It is efficient, but all of them have to reach level 14.
The team with three DPS can farm steadily, higher fault tolerance and less danger.




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