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Distribution of ESO Attributes and the Distribution Error Explaination

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Recently, I heard that many of players talked about the topics: “I want to play Nightblade”: “Stamina increases the weapon damage and the basic weapon damage”: “What I need is DPS”; “I add attribute Coins to Stamina”, etc. As we all know, there are just three attributes; Magicka, Health and Stamina.
eso attributes 
First of all, I talk about the valueof attributes. You will get the basic Coins per level in the game.

Health— the base value 150+ 20 per level. The number of Health is 1130 at level 50.
Magicka— the base value 100+ 20 per level. The number of Magicka is 1080 at level 50.
Stamina— the base value 100+ 20 per level. The number of Stamina is 1080 at level 50.
To increase one of attributes, you can get +20 Health. +10 Magicka and +10 Stamina.

The two-second recovering rate of the three attribute in fights: the maximum rate of recovering Health is 2%, Magicka and Stamina 5%.
What is the most important is Soft Capping. Soft Capping means in the game: when a date is capped, it become more and more difficult to rise. Please change your equipment (Different equipment has different enchantment as well as bonus.) the distribution of skills and attributes make your date more average.

In short, Soft Capping=Debuff

If your character reaches a copping date, it is meaningless to add the date, such as buff beverage, food, buff and so on. When your date reaches or exceed, it will become orange to tell you. Of course, Soft Capping varies with your levels.
eso soft copping

From the above picture, you can see.
In general, the copping value is actually the soft copping value A, which greatly reduces when it is over your remuneration. To close to hard copping value B, your remuneration is almost 0 (the situation occur in the game beta).

The below character add all attribute Coins to Health, but the value of Magicka and Stamina is still copped. Thus, it is wrong to add all Coins to Magicka for Mages.

Personally, I do not think the set is good, because Health can has high reward in the three attributes.

eso character
The attributes at level 10:
The maximum of Health is 50.
The maximum of Magicka is 80.
The maximum of Stamina is 80.
The base value of weapon damage is 1870.

Finally, I add:
The best distribution percentage of equipment in the game is 5:2 (5 is your major type of equipment: 2 is replaced by other equipment.)
Alchemy is very strong. Not all data copped will be punished. Take critical strike chance for example. My Mage use food to make critical strike chance over 100.



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