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Wild ESO Nightblade Redguard Guide

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Recently, according to my own experience, I’ve studied eso Nightblade Warrior and make the guide to share with you.
Class: Nightblade
Race: Redguard
Weapon: two-handed weapon (like a two-handed hammer)
Armor: seven pieces of medium armor.
 eso nightblade skills
Skill Introduction
Column 1:
Forward Momentum: This skill can add 10% weapon damage within 23 seconds and 2% weapon damage per second. It has the effect to stop the speed reduction. The first two are its main features.
Focused Attacks: It makes users increase 30% light or heavy attack speed within 20 seconds. It also helps you recover stamina.
Piercing Mark: The skill has you ignore enemy’s 75% physical armor and magic armor for 60 seconds. But they can ignore your armors. You can gain 40% Health after killing the targets.
Elude: It adds 15% evasion chance for 23 seconds. One medium armor you wear increases 1% evasion chance.
Double Take: It lets enemies less 15% chances to attack you for 26 seconds. You can use the skill again to make them less 15% chances for more 3.5 seconds.

Colunm 2:
Ambush: To teleport classes near by the target and cause 20 Coins of magical damage for the target. The next Ambush can cause 36% extra damage.
Wrecking Blow: It causes 24 Coins of physical damage for enemies. Moreover, the skill can stun them for 3.5 second and hit back four meters. The next Wrecking Blow can output 46 Coins of extra damage.
Executioner: It outputs 11 Coins of physical damage. As the life of targets loses, its damage increases. The maximum of damage is 300%. Two-handed weapons with Executioner generates extra 18% damage for targets whose life lowers 25%.
 Killer's Blade: This skill causes 14 Coins of spell damage or 300% damage for low-life targets. Your life will recover about 18% while you use the skill.
Double Take: It makes enemies have 15 % chances of 26-second invalid attack.

The Key Skill
Incapacitating Strike: It can damage enemies and reduce them 50% ability to cure. Its damage will increase with the ultimate Coins and the maximum are 275%.
Finally, I talk about the build. The build is apt to PVP. As soon as you find enemies, it is first time to use the skills in Column 1. Then you cast the skills in Column 2. Use Ambush to rush into enemies; Wrecking Bow and Executioner output damage.
Piercing Mark causes real harm to enemies. With a two-handed hammer and armor, the force of Piercing Mark is amazing. Although you are damaged by enemies when you cast skills in battle, you have nearly 45% evasion chance, to greatly increase your chances to survive. Focused Attack plus the passive of medium armor makes you add 40% attack speed. As the wild warrior, there is need to abandon defense and rush into enemies.
The warrior in the build lacks of stamina. The Magicka may be used up when you cast Column 1 skills. Therefore, you note to balance Magicka, Health and Stamina when you upgrade. As to life skills, I recommend Alchemy to manufacture critical-strike potion for more damage outputting.




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