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ESO +2000 DPS Nightblade Build: The Strongest Assassin

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Elder Scrolls Online Nightblade often plays the DPS class in PVE. Today, I introduce the Nightblade build with +2000 DPS.

WeaponI: Dual Wield

ESO +2000 DPS Nightblade Build: The Strongest Assassin
1. Impale. It causes magic damage and deals additional damage by 300% to enemies with Low Health.
2. Whirling Blades. It deals physical damage to all surrounding enemies nearby.
3. Sap Essence. It deals magic damage to nearby enemies and adds weapon damage by 6% for each enemy for 20 seconds.
4. Lotus Fan. Player moves through the shadows to the target and unleashes a fan of knives that deals magic damage to all nearby enemies.
5. Flurry. Six hit consecutive attack for physical damage to target. 7% chance on hit to set target off balance.

R. Flawless Dawnbreaker. It deals magic damage to enemies in front of player, with 60% additional damage to undead and Daedric enemies. Weapon attacks deal additional damage by 13% when slotted.

In the build, Impale is a good skill with high damage for soloing in PVP. At the slay stage beheaded stage, you can cast Whirling Blades to deal high weapon damage.
WeaponII: Bow

ESO +2000 DPS Nightblade Build: The Strongest Assassin

1. Dark Cloak. It gives player invisibility for 2.5 seconds and removes 4 damage over time effect.
2. Poison Injection. It deals poison damage to enemy.
3. Scorched Earth
4. Scatter Shot
5. Volcanic Rune. It creates a fire Rune at enemy location for 30 seconds, dealing 18 Fire Damage when an enemy enters the area of effect.
R. Soul Tether. It deals magic damage to nearby enemies and stun them for 4.5 seconds.

This is a set of AOE skills. The main damage output is the Scorched Earth skill. 
Poison Injection is the skill with high DPS for solo playing.



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