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ESO VR12 Imperial Nighblade Build for PVP

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Imperial is a playable race in The Elder Scrolls Online. Now, we introduce the Veteran Rank 12 imperial Nighblade build for PVP in the game. This Nightblade class has high survivablity and weapon critical in PVP battles.


Magicka: 8    Helath : 16     Stamina:25

For the imperial Nightblade, Half of attribute Coins are added to Stamina, because some of abilities need to cost Staimina, such as Lethal Arrow,Venom Arrow and Flying Blade. Health and Magicka is supported ESO items, such as armors, food and potion.

Max Magicka: 1611
Max Health: 3222
Max Stamina: 2414

Nightblade’ Abilities:

WeaponI. Dual Wield- two one-handed Swords

ESO VR12 Imperial Nighblade Build for PVP 

1. Ambush
2. Surprise Attack
3. Dark Cloak
4. Flying Blade
5. Mass Hysteria
The Ultimate Ability: Flawless Dawnbreaker

WeaponII. A Bow

ESO VR12 Imperial Nighblade Build for PVP
1. Venom Arrow
2. Focused Attacks
3. Dark Cloak
4. Lethal Arrow
5. Piercing Mark
The Ultimate Ability: Flawless Dawnbreaker

ESO Items

Nightblade is equipped with seven Medium Armors.

Two pieces of The quick serpent sets, to added weapon critical by 4%.

Head: Ophidian Helm
Shoulders: Ophidian Spaulders of Celerity

Hunding's Rage sets provide special bonuses to armors and weapon. Nightblade are armed with five pieces of The Hunding’s Rage set increase weapon damage by 27.

Waist: Belt of Hunding’s Rage
Chest: Jack of Hunding’s Rage (enchantment:add Max Health)
Hand:  Bracers of Hunding’s Rage
Legs: Guards of Hunding’s Rage
Feet: Boots of Hunding’s Rage

Three pieces of Thee Poisonous serpent sets make Light or Heavy Attacks against a poisoned enemy have a 20% chance to cause 78 poison damage.

Rings: Ophidian Rings of Energy (two )
Neck:  Ophidian Necklace of Venom

Food: Consummate Sweetroll is useful food to increase Max Health, Magicka and Stamina by 257 for two hourse with five-second cooldown.
Potion: Panacea Of Health can instantly restore Health, Magicka and Stamina by 556.



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