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ESO VR14 Trials Sorcerer Build with 1000+ DPS in Update 4

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Since Update 4 has been launched, there are challenging trails like Upper Carglorn added in Elder Scrolsl Online. Today, I inctroduce the Sorcerer build for ESO Trails from Viper ESO. The VR14 Sorcerer has high survivability in PVE because of high HP. And he is able to deal high spell critical and spell damage.

ESO VR14 Trials Sorcerer Build with 1000+ DPS in Update 4

Race: Dark Elf

All of attribute Coins are added to Health, to increase Sorcerer’s survivability in PVR. Thus, in this build, Sorcerer has about 2400 Max Health. Magicka and Stamina are supported by ESO items, such as armors, weapon, and so on.
Magicka :1357
Spell Critical : 55.1%
Spell damage : 132

ESO Gears
Sorcerer is equipped with severn light armors, including the Warlock Sets, the Willow’s Path Sets and the Aether Sets. the Warlock Sets and the Aether Sets is necessary veteram gears in Trails.

Five Pieces of the Warlock Sets can add Magicka Flood: Once per minute, when below 33% Magicka, gain 33% Max MagickaThree willow's path

Three Pieces of the eso Legendary items,  the Aether Sets, add Spell Critical by 4%.

The other gears is the Willows Sets. Two or four pieces the item can increase bonuses in ESO Update 4.


For players, you can choose the follow equipment to deal higher spell critical (65.3%) and spell damage (137):

Three Patch’s / Three Willows / Four Aether

Sorcerer's Abilities:

WeaponI:  ESO VR14 Trials Sorcerer Build with 1000+ DPS in Update 4

1. Crystal Fragments. It can deal magic damage and knock down enemies for two seconds. Ehen activating this ability, caster can reduce Magicka cost.
2. Critical Surge. It increase weapon damage for 20 seconds and critical strikes.
3. Crushing Shock. This ability deal fire, cold and shock damage to enemies.
4. Fire Rung. It deals fire damage.
5. Inner Light. It summon a light to reveal hidden and invisible enemies within 12 meters. This is an ability to reduce Max Magicka by 5% and increasee spell critical strike chance by 20%.
R. Flawless Dawnbreaker. The ultimate ability can deal high magic damage to eneies in front of caster, with 60% of additional damage to undead and Daedrick enemies.

WeaponII:  ESO VR14 Trials Sorcerer Build with 1000+ DPS in Update 4

1. Healing Springs. It heal all allies in target area for three every one second for seconds.
2. Siege Shield. It creates a shield buble to besows 20% of damage reduction VS.
3. Mages’ Wraath. It deals shock damage to enemies.
4. Spell Symmetry. It can trade Health for Magicka and reduce the Magicka cost of next ability activated by 28% if casted within five seconds.
5. Inner Light.
R. Summon Charged Atronach. The ultimate ability summons an immobile storm atronach to targeted location for 18 seconds. The target enemies are stunned for three seconds and take shock damage.


Siege Shield is a defense ability with high Magicka cost. Thus it can be used after Spell Symmetry, which can make next ability reduce Magicka cost.
Additionally, take the potion, Panacea of Spell Power. It is useful in Trails to incrase spell damage and spell criticakl. And Even the potion can restore Magicka immediately.

ESO VR14 Trials Sorcerer Build with 1000+ DPS in Update 4




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