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ESO Guide: How to Be Best PVP Dragonknight with High DPS

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All attribute Coins is added to Health: +49 Health Coins.


ESO Veteran Rank items

Armors: five Light Armor and two Heavy Armor.  (you can armed your class with six Light Armor and one Heavy Armor).

Jewels: Three jewels to make Dragonknight less damage.

Weapons:  --One Hand and Shield (Main)
                  -- Restoration Staff (Secondary)

The main weapon of the build is a shield and sword. The vampire Dragonknight regards the One-Hand-and-Shield skill as the core attacks. Restoration Staff is used to restore teammates’ Health in siege. Of course, you can change Restoration Staff into Destruction Staff or a bow based on your character.


ESO Guide: How to Be Best PVP Dragonknight with High DPS

1. Burning Talons. It is a core AOE controll skill.
2. Cinder Storm. It can snares enemies and increases their miss chance by 30%.
3. Green Dragon Blood. It is a important healing skill.
4. Draw Essence. One of advanced skills of Inhale, Draw Essence is a good AOE skill to absorb 3 Health from nearby enemies.
5. Shield Charge. This is the only one key skill to improve the movement speed of Dragoknight, to assure that he can quickly reach behind enemy lines. Based on your character, you choose the advanced skill.

The Ultimate skill: Dragonknight Standard/ Bat Swarm. Both of ultimate skills are nice. In terms of damage, Dragonknight Standard is higher DPS and wider attack ranger. And this build recommends Dragonknight Standard.

ESO Guide: How to Be Best PVP Dragonknight with High DPS

1. Burning Talons
2. Retreating Maneuver
3. Grand Healing
4. Regeneration
5. Dragon Fire Scale

The Ultimate skill: Dragonknight Standard


The core ultimate skill: Dragonknight Standard

From a tactical Coin of view, The ultimate skill has two functions for Dragonknight. One is to draw the fire of enemy’s Dragonknight. The other function is that Dragonknight Standard, as the first attack skill, can destroy behind enemy lines.

ESO Dragonknight Gameplay

In PVP, the Dragonknight is the first to rush into the enemy groups who, specially, are armed with bows or staffs. Then he can cast such skill rotation:
Burning Talons→ Cinder Storm→ Burning Talons→Draw Essence
Burning Talons→Burning Talons→Burning Talons→ (Burning Talons)

In all, those skills are listed in order of priority: Burning Talons> Dragonknight Standard> Green Dragon Blood (cast it when Health lose Half)> Cinder Storm> Draw Essence



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