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Guide to the ESO Dungeon Fungal Grotto for New Gamers

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Since I knew The Elder Scrolls online had the online mode, I was very excited and wanted to experience it. There is a large-scale stress test for the game recently. Fortunately, I get a text account and enter the game. First of all, the game has good screen effect and perfect performance. It is not easy for me to reach level 10 and then I have the chance to experience the dungeon. what is the mode of the eso dungeon? Here, I will introduce my first dungeon:Fungal Grotto.

Notes to enter the dungeons:
The maximum number of people is four.
The best party is one healer, one tank and two DPS.
Prepare some Soul Gem.
It is more easy to use appropriate foods.

There are lots of monsters in the primary dungeon. Generally, Tank class firstly draws monsters (The hatred specific mechanism is not clear). The healer cures the members in battle and doesn’t waste MP arbitrarily. I talk about how to defeat a boss in detail.

eso Tazkad the Packmaster
Boss1:Tazkad the Packmaster
The boss has two minions around it.  The tank is draws the boss’s fire, to depart the boss and the minions. The DPS focus on the two minions. After killing the both, all the teammates attack Tazkad the Packmaster. The strategy will make the fight easy.

 eso War Chief Ozozai
Boss2: War Chief Ozozai
The second boss is followed a number of mini-monsters. If there is few AOE skills, it is difficult for your party to slay the boss. The first step is to clear monsters. Then the tank draws the boss; the dps kills mini-monsters. Please pay attention to the red skill circle. With a little health, you will be killed as long as you are hit by the circle. What’s more, you note the boss’s jumping skill. You can use right click to block. Otherwise, there is no doubt you will die.

 eso Broodbirther
The strategy to fight against Broodbirther is similar to the previous. It is not very difficult. However, if you is not careful, you may be killed. The next is the crab boss and I do not introduce any longer here.

eso Kra'gh the Dreugh king
The Final boss: Kra'gh the Dreugh king
The final boss is relatively easy. You have to note its ranger of skills. I did not avoid its attack and]
killed immediately for network latency. The boss will summon small crabs to help in the midway battle. But do not worry about that. You just evade their attack range.
This is the detail introduce to eso dungeon. If it is the first time for you to finish the quest, you will be awarded blue equipment and some eso gold. You can gain blue equipment from any monsters and there may be nothing at all. It is a matter of personal luck.



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