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  • The Elder Scrolls Online Dragonight Build- Magic WarriorPost : 02/03/2015

    This Dragonknight maily cast magic damage. And he can cause Buff effects in battle. So this is a good choice to start the adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online. Race: Dark Elf Attributes: Magicka 42      Health 20        Stamina 0 Mundu...

  • ESO Imperial Nightblade Build:The Powerful Magic Melee DPSPost : 01/20/2015

    This is a melee ESO Nightblade build from Xinthisis Gaming. She deals great magic damage in the battle. Race: Imperial Attributes: Magicka- 42  Health- 20  Stamina-0Max Magicka- 2692     Max Health-3005Max Stamina-1708 Gears The magic Nightblade is equipped with ...

  • Elder Scrolls Online Templar Healer BuildPost : 01/16/2015

    As a qualified class, Templar can play a healer role in group fights. He can not only restore Stamina, Magicka and Health, but also increase armor and the damage of weapons. The healer uses two-handed staff. While healing, he can run double health restoration. With the staff, this templar is able to...

  • Important ESO Combat Addons: Greymind Quick Slot Bar and Kill CounterPost : 01/12/2015

    The two combat addons is necessary in The Elder Scrolls Online- Greymind Quick Slot Bar and Kill Counter. They are simple but useful. . Greymind Quick Slot Bar (Download Adress 1 )  The biggest disadvantage of the basic interface of Elder Scrolls online is that we don't fast switc...

  • ESO Patch 1.6 New Design: The Champion SystemPost : 01/06/2015

    The Champion system is the new game design added in The Elder Scrolls Online. As a horizontal progression system, it brings new and wonderful adventure to ESO players. As long as you have a character to reach level 50, you can access to the Champion System. In the Champion System, you can make Cham...

  • Which is the Best Archer in The Elder Scrolls Online, Nightblade or Templar?Post : 12/26/2014

    After reading many ESO builds, archers are often played by Nightblade and Templar in the game. Some players have the question: which is the best Archer between the two classes? First and foremost, we look at two powerful archer builds. Both of them can deal sustained damage in battle. The Templar...

  • Elder Scrolls Online Nearly +1500 DPS Nightblade BuildPost : 12/16/2014

    Since Patch 1.5 was launched, Skills of bow are improved in The Elder Scrolls Online. In the previous news, we share the Templar archer. Today, I introduce another type, Nightblade archer from DELTLASGAMING.COM. The Nightblade archer has nearly 1500 DPS. As a ranger class with a bow, he can deal ma...

  • The Elder Scrolls Online DPS Templar Build in Patch 1.5Post : 12/12/2014

    This is the Imperial Templar build from Deltia's Gaming. As a Archer, the Templar can deal high DPS. With costing Stamina, he has good AOE in the 1.5 patch of The Elder Scrolls Online. Attributes: Health 14     Stamina 40 Mundus Stone: The Shadow-- To increase critical strik...

  • Elder Scrolls Online Undaunted VR 14 Medium ArmorsPost : 12/01/2014

    Trials are harder and harder in Elder Scrolls Online. To challenge trials, you need veteran items to equip your class. Deltia's Gaming recommends three pieces of undaunted medium armors. Malubeth the Scourger's Set - Increase resistance to critical hit by 90.- (Two Items) Add 6% chance when hit-...

  • ESO Patch 1.5 +1400 DPS Nightblade Build: Powerful ArcherPost : 11/21/2014

    Since patch 1.5 was launched, Elder Scrolls Online dungeons become harder and harder. If your class has not very high DPS, it is difficult to level up in the game world. Today, this is the 1400 DPS Nightblade build. In this build, Nightblade does not need lots of Magicka. Thus, the attributes is : ...

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