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The Ways to Feed and Upgrade ESO Horses

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In the last update of ESO, we found that the price of primary horses is significantly reduced, compared with the original price, about 17,000 ESO Gold. It means that everyone can buy one However, how to perfect its various attributes when you get a horse?

First and foremost, open to the palette of character attributes and you can see the current status of the horse.
eso character attribute Palette 

Your horse is fed in the stables, which is the way to upgraded. Every level can make the horse add an attribute with a little bonus. Thus, keeping a good horse is a long process, but it is useful for you in the late. There are three attributes to improve.
eso horse atrributes 
The first attribute is Speed increased by 1% per level. That is, the horse will run faster and faster.

The second is Stamina, to add its sprinting speed and reduce the probability to shot down when it is attacked.

The final attribute is Capacity, upgraded to increase the maximum of your package when you equip your horse with equipment. Each attribute is capable of leveling up by a corresponding special food. The right of the above picture is time. Every horse has its own relative basis attributes.

Hard work and you will keep a good horse with full-level attributes.




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